here is Attributes of a Teacher in the Digital Era . A teacher’s role is crucial and immensely important in shaping personality of students. We hear and read most about the ancient teachers who played a significant role in chiseling remarkableness in their students like Chandragupta Maurya the King, Tansen the musician, Arjuna the archer,the list goes on and on. Technological and scientific advancement has brought about a considerable change in the role of a teacher in the modern era. The story of this change began with the advent of the internet, and with its widespread use, the role of the teacher is further challenged. Now, the teacher is not a sole dispensing unit of knowledge. Google caters what the students ask for, besides the online queue of you tubers.

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The faculty members, at Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College, a well-known college for the best academic performance of the students, sensed this situation long ago and began to arm themselves with the knowledge and skills required to cope with the transitional phase of the entire education system in India. Their following characteristics enable them to assist students in variety of ways:-

Fruitful Facilitator: Now a teacher is a facilitator of learning. He doesn’t claim to be the sole owner of his knowledge inputs yet students are well aware of the modesty of their teachers. They understand it well that the method of delivery is a teacher is individual and unique. It is attributed to a particular teacher only. The teachers at the best management college Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College, Meerut facilitate learning. They create atmosphere where knowledge transfer takes place spontaneously.

Attributes of a Teacher in the Digital Era

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Dedicated Mentors: The teachers here have taken a step further by considering themselves mentors of the students. As a result, here at Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College, a top BCA and BBA college, the students are always a call away from their class teacher for helping them in studies, asking their well being, informing important dates and clarifying doubts. If a student feels that he is lagging behind in classroom he is motivated afterwards and provided remedial classes to excel in academic performance.

Nourishes Soul: It is said a teacher should be strict to the flesh but soft to the soul. At times, a teacher may appear to be hard to the folly of the students but not to their fervors and feeling. That is why, motivation and encouragement is his best tools to deal with the students. This is why the teachers here are surrounded by his or her students for affection and attention after the classes are over- a common scene at Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Management College one of the best colleges in maintaining discipline and safety of the students.

Highly Qualified and Experienced: The teachers here are highly qualified and skilled. They have to their credit a number of research papers besides the highest credential and educational qualification in their respective fields. Many of them have rich experience in both corporate and teaching. The students who dream of higher goals in life always value the guidance and association of such teachers. The teachers, in turn, feel a deeper satisfaction and joy to have their contribution honored. Unless teachers are well-qualified or skilled in the subject, they cannot develop leadership in their students.

Conclusion: In the nut shell, teachers are now well aware of their shifting roles. Thus they are quickly adopting newer approaches to enhance the transfer of knowledge. Technological advancement is going to impact the education and teachers in the digital era have to equip themselves with the requisite. This is It Attributes of a Teacher in the Digital Era .Check More Post For Informative Updates.

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