Annual System of Examination

Examination is the essential part of teaching learning process in schools and is one of the main components of curriculum as well. It is allocated into annual and semester system and the former examination system has been active in government schools across the country in overall, However, both systems carry benefits and drawbacks. Annual system of Examination is the traditional system. Annual system covers supplementary syllabuses at a stretch and forces the student to recall all this till the end of the year.  Number of examiners and examinations also can be condensed, which become extra economical for Universities. Results can be proclaimed in time and the timetable can be kept.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Annual System of Examination

Examinations are tests which goal to determine the aptitude of a student. Scholastically, an examination is an certified test of knowledge. Different types of Examinations are lead all over the world for assessing a person’s skills and intelligence. Examinations are typically written tests, though some may be practical or have practical components, and differ greatly in structure, content, and difficulty liable on the subject.

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Annual System Of Examination.

Advantages of Annual Exam System

  • Tool for Knowledge and Working: Examination provides reassurance to people for Learning and Working.
  • Spirit of Competition: Examinations also make a sense of Competition which shoves the limit of a person’s aptitude to do more and to do greatest.
  • Expansion of Personality and Confidence: Spirit of Competition and Realisation of Self -Analysis indications to the progress of one’s Personality and Confidence.
  • Scholarships and Awards: Upright Performance in Examinations fetches Scholarships and Awards 
  • Good Future: Good Grades interpret into enhanced Job Placement and remuneration
  • Examination Nervousness is Good: Anxiety due to examinations is good. It is a essential part of life. The existence of Examinations prepares students to get used to the compressions of examinations, their mentality becomes much stronger. And when they go out to work, they are able to endure the pressures of their career, instead of crumbling under the vast amount of stress
  • Single Examination-Multiple Students: One can evaluator the progress of many scholars at once by holding a single Examination for all.
  • Easy Detection of Teaching Flaws: Examinations also measure a Teachers skills and flaws and if any subject should be re- explained differently. Also Read Cyber Security Laws in India .

Disadvantages of  Annual System of Examination

  • Cause of Stress and Pressure: Some people are loaded with stress with the onset of Examinations. The Stress of Performance makes Pressure for many.
  • Health Complications: Examinations also central to numerous health problems like Headaches, Nausea, Loose Motions,  vomitting etc.
  • Loss of Confidence: Failure in Exams leads to loss of confidence for several.
  • The propensity of Suicide: Failure in Examinations leads to Low Self Esteem which induces Tendency Of Suicide.
  • Breaking of Esprit de corps: Competitive characters during Examinations at times leads to Peer Problems like ruined friendships, bonds etc.
  • Exams are a Formality: Students are incapable to identify the actual purpose of Examinations. For them passing their examinations is a stiffness for entering into good schools. Thus they all are all learning just for the sake of a formality.
  • Pressure Makes Disinterest in Studies: Exhaustion, stress and other problems related to examinations create anxiety and hatred which in turn leads to loss of interest and trust in studies.
  • Examinations are not the Real Test: Examinations measure comparatively superficial knowledge or learning which totally conquests the purpose of Examinations. A person with lees grades may turn out to be a prosperous person while a good grader may end up unsuccessful in life. Some students do not score fine even if they know the material, poor reading skills can handicap a student, questions on examination force not test progress as well as they could.

Objectives of annual system

· To lessen the expenditure of exam

· To get more time to study the syllabus for students.

· To produce excellence base education for students

To overcome the disadvantages of Annual System of Examination Semester System is introduce:

  • It will deliver an prospect to the students for unceasing learning, assessment and feedback.
  • It enables the well understanding of the subject.
  • More prominence is laid on class interaction because of constant arrangement between teachers and students.
  • This system advances regular study habits amid the students.
  • It enables in assessing the performance of students twice a year.
  • The students will not have more load of syllabus as it is divided into two halves.
  • A semester system lets better freedom and scope for designing and delivering a variety of courses that the students can preference to enhance the quality of learning.
  • Through this system, students join the college regularly without deteriorating as there is a regulation of compulsory 75% attendance.
  • Students can advance skills and subject related knowledge in a better way through this system.

In semester system each academic year is allocated into equal parts of about six months each semester– I and II semester. Thus, a semester is a period of six months throughout which teaching work is lead. After the finish of the teaching work of the six months, examinations are apprehended.

Some other Pros and Cons of Annual System

More time to study the syllabusCarelessness toward examination conducted once a year
Opportunity of learning subject related booksA higher load on students to complete the syllabus for whole year at the time of exam
Facility of using library sources to make self-study notesNo facility of self-assessment or regular response
Prospects for extracurricular activitiesAbsence of attendance regulations, making students avoid classes more often
Teacher have the time to deliver improved learning concepts to the students
Less load and work pressure

Some additional information about Annual System of Examination

Annual system of examination is that system in which the examinations are lead at the completion of each academic year. This system of examination has a quantity of drawbacks. It inspires lethargy in students. It abolishes the influence of teachers among the students that is directly accountable for indiscipline. It debilitates syllabus that retards students‟ intellectual abilities and make them sedentary. It endorses cramming and different standards of assessment. Behavioral progress of a learner cannot be judged properly in this system.

It is tremendously vulnerable to unfair means, dishonorable practices, chicanery, deceit, and fraud. Keeping in view these disadvantages and deficiencies, the semester system of examination substituted with the annual system.



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