How To Become A Lawyer In India

Here are the different steps to follow to become a lawyer in India.

Get a law degree

The first step is to obtain a degree known as undergraduate law or, more commonly, law. There are several universities and law schools in India that offer Bachelor of Laws degrees. So you need to make sure that your law program is accredited by the Indian Bar Association. If you are already studying law or undergraduate studies outside India, you have other options.

Do you get a bachelor’s degree in law in 3 or 5 years?

Immediately after learning law in school, students graduate with a full five-year law degree. It is the most common way to get a law degree in India. It is a combination of law, history, business, political science, economics, art, and other related disciplines. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in three years or more, you can learn a bachelor’s degree in law and pure law in less than three years.

Entrance exam

How To Become A Lawyer In India

To be admitted to an Indian law school, you must pass an entrance exam. These are the standardized national exams and they are not intended for law schools either. The most common is the CommonLaw Admission Test (CLAT), but there are other tests, such as the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), administered by students in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Some of these entrance exams have age restrictions. For example, CLAT requires you to be under 20, but not everyone is. All exams contain a section on English proficiency. It is not uncommon for students to take multiple entrance exams to prove their ability and understanding to various law school admissions teams.


Internships must be organized by your law school and their duration varies. Most students use the extensive network of contacts they have gained throughout the course to gain experience in the area of ​​law they wish to pursue.

Internationally trained lawyers

The Indian Bar Association recognizes the eligibility to apply for certain attorneys at the International Law School. If you are pursuing a Doctor of International Law degree in a law school not accredited by the Indian Bar Association, you should still apply, as in any case, it will depend on the individual circumstances of the candidate. Otherwise, you will need to complete a 3-year LLB program at an institution accredited by the Indian Bar Association. There are currently no distance learning courses accredited by the Indian Bar Association.

Become an advocate

A law degree will qualify you to become a legal professional, but if you appear in court, you will need to pass a national bar exam and obtain a provisional license in law. Then you need to pass the All India Bar Exam before getting a 5-year license to practice in India.


Many students focus on a specific area of ​​law by adding a master’s program in career planning. It is not uncommon for law students to pursue their Masters of Laws, Masters of Commercial Law, or diplomas to increase their chances of employment in the area of ​​law that interests them most. Check How to Become A Criminal Lawyer in India .This is it in How To Become A Lawyer In India .

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