I am coming from the top BBA college in CCSU. Would I get to a good company to begin my career? Such questions add to the expectations. Check CAMPUS PLACEMENT also.

Worry is not healthy A way to go about it, is a planned solution.
Basics – Plan and prepare
The most awaited time of your campus life is the placement period. It is stressful yet exciting with discussions around jobs and the future occupying most of your time.
Another set of issues build up with companies, shortlists and interviews not turning out the way you want, adding to the pressure of expectations and may be a study loan.

Also Check Annual System Of Examination

The preparation with these basics performed by some of the top management colleges would support you –

• Match your vision and skill set with the company role offered
Most of the students in a management campus interview offer their candidature just for the sake of getting hired by a good company, having no clue or practical reasons of their choice. Don’t be a part of the herd. Step out! Think about yourself.

What kind of a person are you? Are you a people’s person or you like to work alone?
Would you enjoy the work profile including the lifestyle that the role offers?
It might be challenging to let go the opportunity if the package is great with your first job, but you will achieve heights in an industry or field in accordance to your strengths and the tranquility you enjoy.
Don’t go after what everyone is running for, prepare a checklist of the fields or speciality, the roles and the companies you would like to apply for. Match the role with your abilities and strengths.

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• Prioritize
As per the choice of your career, chalk out the activities that will maximize your selection chances. For a marketing student seeking a job in his field of specialty, thorough knowledge of the core subjects is of utmost importance. If you are switching to digital marketing, you must schedule the time, required to equip yourself with the details of computer and platforms used for the same, to get selected. Even choosing the internship, during the course, should be relevant to your future career plan.

• Be aware of your campus
Understand the working of your campus with the system of rules and regulations that determine what to do and what not to do in different situations. CAMPUS PLACEMENT .
You are required to attend the presentations and advised penalties for evading them or there are restrictions on the number and type of companies you can apply for? You may be forced to accept the first offer or your choices are restricted? This would provide you an insight whether to skip your candidature for a firm that does not lead to your dream company or dream job.
However the best bba/bca colleges support an open environment.

• Craft your resume
Your CV gets you shortlisted for the role. Begin with a format which is professionally at low risk for students or ask for a prescribed format from your institute. Save your time from writing, revising and rewriting your resume. It is a tool to set you apart from your peers when you are not a topper. Crafting a just CV results from the permutation and combination of loads of feedback and consistent attempts to modify.

• Gather company(s) information
Perform a research about the companies visiting the campus with their selection processes like tests, group discussions, interview, psychometrics etc. Enlist the stages of shortlisting and the number of selections they will make. It would help you to choose the companies of your choice from the pool. It would also give you an idea of the probability of your selection and how you will prepare for it.

• Practice
There are number of elimination rounds before the final interview. After being shortlisted through the resume, different rounds are designed to reduce the number of applicants to a more sizeable level and eliminate less strong candidates.You must build the strengths required for cracking your chosen profile.
Work on past question papers to test your ability regarding the format and structure of the test, whether written or online. Practice case study and group discussions deliberately with a group of willing friends and take feedback. Practice with a strong focus.

• Go for the interview
Your bagging of job will be dependent on the performance in the interview session.
Get a question pool with the help of placement department, internet and campus seniors. Have counter points to those questions and begin mock interviews practice.
For individual practice you should use mirror, to improve your body gestures portraying confidence.
Seek mock interviews with your professors, family, friends and professionals you know through phone, video or in person.
Learn to accept criticism. No arguments. Idea is to grow into a more conducive personality for delivery of interviews with content.
Take up stress interviews to practice patience and calm during critical questioning phase.

• Conclusion
Campus interview is not the end rather it is the beginning. You will find a job you deserve. Be persistent. Go through these points and practice.

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