We all know the value of experience in our lives. Having experience means to be more confident than those who dont have it. How we can get experience? Its is actually simple to understand, if not to get. Advantage of Experience Being persistent give us experience of perfection. It is till the extent that even if one fails, he gets experience which always help to get another level to reach sure shot success. So, experience makes us best among the rest.

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Why do we need it? Passion fuels the desire to get the success, which on a long run one will definitely get, but what if … the experience of the field experts add up to ones knowledge – it results in less hindrance and speed up the vehicle to the destination success. I remember my experiences of being student, like every student I also try to ask my seniors about their learnings, where they lacked. It was all about knowing their experiences to add up to mine…

Advantage of Experience

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So that I can be ahead of my classmates. In todays era it is very important to know your hidden potential but only if given ample of opportunities. These opportunities make us aware and sometimes explore our different quadrants of Johari window. We need experience to know our hidden potential to reach our goals.

Having experience comes from taking calculative risk of doing mistakes. This may sound weird but we all know … it is the truth. We learn from our mistakes. Entire education system is an example of this fact.

It is derived from ancient times, and passed through till now. We have education because others have experienced that having knowledge of essential subjects in our adolescent age , will make life good to survive and sustain.

After the COVID-19 Pandemic, knowledge of only one subject is not going to be enough. One has to be multi talented to survive and overcome all hurdles. Upcoming years are going to conquered only by entrepreneurs. Being the best college in Meerut we have observed and buckled ourselves to take the challenge to share the experience of best faculty to our students on regular basis through different activities. We make sure that our Alumni also share their experiences to our students on regular basis. Frequent guest lecturers from industry gives our students all the required exposure at very early stage of their career. Pt DDUMC is one of the most experienced and Best college in Meerut which makes us the perfect organization to mold the future of students for successful careers. This is it in Advantage of Experience . Check Other Post For More updates.

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