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School of Basics Sciences and Technology involves four divisions, which incorporate Physics, Chemistry, Statistics and Mathematics. Checkout WHY ONE SHOULD OPT FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COURSE Here .The basic question that comes to over mind why study these topics. Here we discuss these topics:

Physics students learn how the laws of nature can be utilized to explain the phenomena of our world. Most understudies are excited to find that elementary principles, many of which are learned in introductory physics courses, may solve complex problems.


Applying the simple principles that underlie complex issues will work well for understudies in the interests and careers they pursue after graduation.

Physicists accept that “Physics is at the heart of everything”. We utilize the basic ideas — matter, force, energy, and so on — to explain almost every aspect of our world, from the minor parts of our bodies to the significant clusters of galaxies.

Physics is relevant to practically each human activity: jobs and careers; hobbies, interests, and relaxation pursuits; and the frameworks that modern technology offers that can improve our health and prosperity. Such is the importance of physics as for the future that we need more young people to study physics.

Physics is all about observing natural phenomena in the world about us, attempting to understand them and predict what may happen in new situations. It is about the processes of observing, understanding, and predicting artificial frameworks. Physics discusses the laws of the universe and some of the most urgent, practical, environmental, and technical problems of our day, such as energy scarcity and climate change.

It is a broad topic that includes experimentation and observations, theory and mathematics, computer technology, materials, and information theory, and so on. It is also a subject that requires creativity. Materials science, chemistry, mathematics, computing, architecture, life sciences and medicine, meteorology, and statistics are influenced by ideas and techniques developed in physics.

Chemistry is an enthralling subject to study. Chemistry plays a part in everyone’s lives and affects almost every aspect of our life in some way because it is so central to our culture. Our basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, clean air, water, and soil all require chemistry.  Chemical innovations enhance our quality of life in several ways by offering new solutions to health, content, and energy-related issues. Consequently, contemplating chemistry is helpful in preparing us for the real world.

Since it connects physics and mathematics, biology and medicine, and earth and environmental sciences, chemistry is also referred to as the fundamental science.  Consequently, grasping the nature of chemicals and chemical processes will provide insight into several physical and biological phenomena.

Chemistry is essential because it offers a solid foundation for understanding the physical world we live in. All are chemical, for better or worse! Consider chemistry, and you’ll be in a fantastic place to pick from a wide range of worthwhile, engaging, and satisfying professions.

An individual who has completed a bachelor’s degree in chemistry is well prepared to work in business, education, or government service.  A chemistry degree is also an excellent base for further research in a range of related fields. The rundown of career possibilities for people with training in chemistry is long and varied. Indeed, even when unemployment rates are high, the chemist remains one of the most profoundly sought after and employs scientists.

What kind of world we live in, our shapes and sizes, and even how we feel on any given day are determined by how atoms, molecules, and ions behave. Chemists familiar with these phenomena are well-equipped to deal with the challenges that our modern society faces.

On any given day, a chemist may be researching the process of DNA molecule recombination, comparing the protein content of different meats, measuring the amount of insecticide in drinking water, finding a new antibiotic, or inspecting a moon rock.  To plan a synthetic fiber, a life-saving medication, or a space capsule, chemistry is required. A basic understanding of chemistry is needed to understand why an autumn leaf turns red, why a diamond is strong, and why soap keeps us clean.

Suppose you plan to teach chemistry or work in the chemical industry producing chemical goods such as polymeric products, pharmaceuticals, flavorings, preservatives, dyestuffs, or fragrances. In that case, it can seem self-evident that you need a chemistry context.

You might also be aware that environmental scientists, chemical oceanographers, chemical information experts, chemical engineers, and chemical salespeople occasionally work as chemists. Medicine, pharmacy, medical technology, nuclear medicine, molecular biology, biotechnology, pharmacology, toxicology, paper science, pharmaceutical science, hazardous waste management, art conservation, forensic science, and patent law are only a few of the required occupations a significant understanding of chemistry.

The importance of mathematics can be seen in covered up ways, and in everyday usage, all around us: computers, aeroplanes, body scanners, software, coding, and much more. If you are familiar with the Golden Ratio? If the ratios of two quantities are equal to the ratio of their aggregate to the greater of the two, they are considered in the golden ratio of mathematics.

Why does this matter? All things considered, once mathematicians discovered the Golden Ratio, we have been able to use it to our advantage: architects use it to plan structures, scientists apply it to nature’s recurring spiral arrangement, and even artists utilize the proportions in their artistic plans. A mathematics understudy will learn all about this and much more if he or she chooses to pursue this field of study. Here are some more reasons to study mathematics.

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Employers exceptionally want creative and analytical abilities. Our brains form essential neural pathways for processing information, so it is no wonder that mathematics plays a crucial role in brain growth and analytical abilities.

Your focused mathematics research will be automatically applied to solving real-world problems. Are you planning on buying a home? Understanding the fundamentals of mathematics is essential for navigating percentages and mortgage rates. Do you regularly use a computer and social media? Mathematics is implanted into computer technology, and it would not exist without it.

Potentially none of us will approach Alan Turing’s mathematical and problem-solving virtuoso – Turing is credited with being the father of modern computing; he cracked the Nazis’ Enigma code, among many other significant mathematical advances – however, no doubt becoming more competent in mathematics and considering it seriously can advance your problem-solving abilities.

Mathematics, with all its nuances, can be useful in almost any career. Engineers, computer programmers, statisticians, actuaries, mathematics teachers, and even business managers are among the professions and occupations that benefit from a mathematics degree. All these careers appear to be unique. However, the one thing they have in common is that each of them requires a solid developed range of abilities in mathematics. WHY ONE SHOULD OPT FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COURSE.

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Considering mathematics helps you to have a greater understanding of the universe.  This may seem self-evident but understanding the complexities of how mathematics works will open your eyes and help you see the world in a different light. 

Einstein’s theory of relativity, for example, has significantly aided our understanding of the universe. Mathematics is known as the “Universal Language” because it is the only language that is widely understood across cultures, continents, and languages. WHY ONE SHOULD OPT FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY COURSE.

The simple arithmetic of 1+1=2 is the same around the world. Equations, proofs, theorems, and working on a complicated mathematical problem are done the same way whether you speak Russian, French, English, or any language.

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All that matters is understanding the mathematical concept – this can be gigantically helpful if you are working on a foreign country project. You will communicate well on the numbers side of things, which is highly productive since you speak the same language: mathematics.

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