Career after BSc (PCM/PSM)

        B.Sc. (PCM/PSM) is one of the most popular courses among the students who opt career in the field of science. By opting this course, students become graduate in science and acquire good knowledge in physics, chemistry and mathematics. Checkout Career after BSc (PCM/PSM) here. Therefore, students have broad area of physics, chemistry and mathematics in which they can choose their bright career. Among them are:

Career after BSc (PCM/PSM)

Career in Higher Education

Student can do master in basic sciences or in applied sciences followed by research (Ph.D./M.Phil.) in their respective fields. Although, students should opt application-based research so that they have better job opportunities in industries and academia. They have better career or job opportunities in the fields of research scientist, research assistant, chemist, biostatistician, teaching, technical writer or editor, clinical research, consultancy, etc.

Career in Clinical Research

Clinical research is one of the most important career aspects for the science students in view of the present COVID-19 pandemic. In this field, students learn about drugs trials, clinical trials, clinical investigations recommended by the doctors, behavioral studies of the patients, various statistical data compilation and its interpretations related to the patients and the hospitals, knowledge of investigation techniques involved in the diagnosis of the patients, etc. Students can opt for diploma or P.G. degree or diploma after successful completion of graduation. In this field, knowledge of basic sciences will help to build the bright career in the field of clinical research.

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Career in Basic/Applied Research

After successful completion of B.Sc. (PCM/PSM), students can look for the career in the field of research also. The main opportunity of a graduate is as a research assistant. If the students have higher degree, they have very bright career in basic or applied sciences. They can work as research assistant or as a project assistant in any particular research projects. They can also work as a Junior Research Fellow (JRF) after master. As a Junior Research Fellow or Project assistant they can have very good fellowship/scholarship and becomes financially independent. They can also complete Ph.D. degree along with JRF or Project assistant. Once students have Ph.D. degree in their respective subjects, their new opportunities open up in Higher education.  

Career in Biostatistician

This field requires good knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics and basic knowledge of biology also for better understanding of Biostatistician field. Although, this field is mainly for the students having better understanding of mathematics. We can simply understand it as the application of the mathematics, particularly statistics in biological data interpretation. A biostatistician basically designs and analyze the statistical data collected for any health problems. The demand of a biostatistician has increased exponentially due to current COVID-19 pandemic in which better and right interpretation of the health-related data are very important to understand the COVID-19 pandemic for an example.

Career as an Enumerator

An Enumerator collects data of a census by doing interviews door to door. He/she collects demographic data of a particular area and analyze it to understand the particular area or region for a particular cause. Interpretation of data are very important in this field also and require basic knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry. Students should acquire higher degree (master) in mathematics particularly to become a better enumerator. Career after BSc (PCM/PSM).

Career in Forensic science

A graduate in PCM/PSM is eligible to pursue career in the field of forensic science. After graduation, students can do diploma or degree courses in the field of forensic science and make their career bright. In forensic science, a student study mainly about the identification of a person by knowing his/her DNA/RNA footprints. This field is very crucial for the identification of the crime scenes especially. 

Career in Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries

A student becomes eligible to pursue his/her career in the field of pharmaceutical and chemical industries after becoming graduate in science. A higher degree in Chemistry will always be helpful to make the career further bright. The importance of medicines and chemicals can not be ignored in this modern world. We know the importance of medicines in the field of health sector. The chemicals which are integral part of our daily life ranging from household uses to all kinds of the consumables which we use.A student can be involved in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and chemicals and can work as a quality controller of these products also.


Career in Environmental management

The conservation of the natural resources is one of the biggest challenges of the world. The preservation of natural habitats is very important for the survival of the ecosystem. For better understanding of our ecosystem, a good knowledge of chemistry, physics, mathematics and basics of biology is required. A graduate can make his/her career in the preservation of forest, soil and other natural resources. Graduates mainly study about the impact of these natural resources on human beings. Further higher degree or diploma will always be helpful and encouraged to achieve better career in the field of environmental management. Career after BSc (PCM/PSM).

Career in Oil industries

Fossil fuels especially oil is one the most important fuels on which development of any nation depends. More consumption of oil will reflect the advancement of the nation and its people. Therefore, industries related to this field must also be established for proper utilization or management of the resource. As a general rule, more industries mean more jobs. After B.Sc. in PCM/PSM, one can become eligible to explore the career in oil related industries and can work in research and development also if have higher degrees or diploma.

Career as a Teacher

Those who love academics, can opt teaching in schools, colleges and universities as a career. After successful completion of B.Sc. (PCM/PSM), one can go for bachelor in education (B.Ed.) degree to become a teacher in high schools. Students can also go for diploma in elementary education (D.El.Ed.) to become a teacher in primary or middle schools. If they obtained a higher research degree (Ph.D.) can get opportunities to become an assistant professor in the colleges or universities as well. Career after BSc (PCM/PSM).

        Those who want to pursue further higher education after successful completion of B.Sc. (PCM/PSM) at IIMT University, Meerut, U.P. can go for the following universities to obtain higher degrees or diploma such as: University of Delhi, Delhi; Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, New Delhi; Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi; Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, U.P.; Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, U.P. other Central Universities, IIT’s and National Institute of Technologies (NIT’s). This is It In Career after BSc (PCM/PSM) . Check Other Blogs for More updates.


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