Facts for Police Officer:Police courses after 12th

IndustryCriminal Investigation Department, Specialist Operations, Drugs Squad, Traffic Department, Firearms Branch, etc.
EligibilityScholars who should complete 12th / UG/ PG in any subject/ stream are qualified to become a police officer after clearing the examination and physical test. Class 12th scholars’ age limit should be 18 years, UG scholar’s age limit should be 21 years and the upper age limit should be 25 years.
Regular Starting SalaryINR 4,00,000- INR 5,50,000 per annum
Job OpportunityPrivate Investigator, Crime Scene Investigator, Law Enforcement Instructors, Personal Trainer, SP, DSP, Local Police Force, The Ministry of Defense Police and Specialist Forces, etc.
Police courses after 12th

Steps to Becoming a Police Officers

To become a police officer, a student needs to follow five steps. These steps are the following:

Decision Making: Scholars who want to come to be police officers, first need to choose once they complete graduation. They should twitch preparing for the exam like Staff Selection Commission and Civil Services Exam conducted by UPSC. Scholars need also be physically fit.

Subject Selections: To come to be a police officer, there is no need to select any specific subject. Scholars from any department and any field can become police officers. The College Board suggested that the scholars who have curiosity in law implementation should opt for science, math, and psychology subjects.

Entrance Exam Training: To become a police officer, scholars need to appear in an exam lead by the State Selection Commission (SSC) in every state of India. 

Scholars need to clear the written exam and personal interview round and essential to undergo a physical preparation program. Apart from that, highly determined scholars can appear for the Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC.

Choosing Correct Colleges: To be a police officer, a scholar needs to select that college where there is a physical fitness option. Because to become a police officer, a scholar must be physically fit. So, scholars should give importance to those colleges where plenty physical activities are obtainable for them.

After Qualifying Exam: After qualifying for the entry exam, scholars need to make themselves for the physical fitness round. The physical fitness round is similarly significant as the written examinations. They essential to clear both rounds to become qualified for a police officer.

Types of Police Officers

The career and job duties of police officers may be of dissimilar types. The obligations and responsibilities of each police officer are diverse from the other. 

Based on profession, the kinds of a police officer are the following: Private Investigator, Crime Scene Investigator, Law Enforcement Instructors, Personal Trainer, SP, DSP, Local Police Force, and Specialist Forces, etc.

Private Investigator

Private Investigators commonly known as private detectives work for an discrete or for an organization to find information concerning different types of cases and finding personal, legal, and financial info.

Crime Scene Investigator

A Crime Scene Investigator is accountable for confiscating all the important evidence from a crime scene connected to any particular area. Crime Scene Investigators are working by state or federal law enforcement.

Law Enforcement Instructors

Law implementation instructors are usually former or current law enforcement officers. They deliver initial training for employing law enforcement personnel.

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer trains the afresh recruiting police officers. They director about push-ups, bench-press and sit-ups, etc.

Superintendent of Police (SP)

SPs are the district heads for all the Indian non-metropolitan regions. They are chosen in charge of the rural and urban parts of a district.

Deputy Superintendents of Police

Deputy Superintendents of Police are the state police officers that fit to the provincial police force.

Local Police Force

Local Police Force comprises country, municipal, regional and tribal police that are chosen directly from local government. They need to support laws of the jurisdiction, provide patrol, and essential to investigate local crimes.

Specialist Forces

The errands of the specialist police force are to give caring assistance and conduct peacekeeping actions such as counterterrorism, demining processes, and drug-interdiction, etc.

How to Become a Police Officer in India?

To become a police officer in India, candidates should be spiritually prepared from their high school level. They should twitch doing physical activities regularly to become physically fit. Study groundwork should also start at the high school level.

School Level Preparation

Scholars from any department and any field can become police officers. The college board optional that the scholars who have interest in law enforcement should opt for science, math, and psychology subjects.

How to Become a Police Officer After 12th?

It wants a lot of mental dedication, hardwork and physical forte to become a police officer after 12th. Scholars must be aware of the UG courses and PG options to become police after 12th. 

UG Preparation

In the UG degree, if scholars are interested in law enforcement, then they should follow psychology, science, and mathematics subjects. Separately from that, they must work hard to continue physically fit.

PG Preparation

In a PG degree, scholars can follow courses like Criminal Justice as a Law Enforcement Degree, Social Sciences and Law, etc.

Courses to Become a Police Officer: Police courses after 12th

Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Criminology)

This is the furthermost natural degree to come to be a police officer. Apart from Psychology and Sociology, Criminology is the most suitable choice to become a Police Officer.

Admission Process

Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Criminology) option can be studied during qualification and postgraduation. The admission procedure to follow this course is lead on a merit as well as entry basis. The most common appearance exam is AILET

Eligibility Criteria for the Exam

To appear in this examination, scholars need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Criminology) or any field from any known board.

How to Apply for the Exam

Scholars can apply for AILET examination online mode. The online application procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Visit the authorized website

Step 2: Complete your registration.

Step 3: Fill the registration form.

Step 4: Login again from your listed account.

Step 5: Fill in the complete application form.

Step 6: Upload perused image and signature.

Step 7: Review again and submit

How to Prepare for the Exam

Twitch your preparation for the AILET examination, you need to follow the further down points:

  • Learning the basics of the Arithmetic section.
  • Refer to the basic books and clear notions to practice more.
  • Try to strengthen your weak areas.
  • Practice mock tests.

Thats it in Police courses after 12th. Also check NEET exam pattern 2021

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