MBBS jobs are one of the most protected job profiles not only in India but also around all over the world. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, healthcare is the major industry, with the maximum rate of development of any other field. According to the BLS, the healthcare industry, which engaged 14 million people in 2006, is accepted to add about three million more job opportunities by this year, 2021.  

Job range after this course in India is rolling with abundant opportunities in the healthcare segment. The furious pandemic has also led to a boost in requirement for medical professionals in India. Thus, creation the healthcare business in India a booming market of joblessness opportunities. Many doctors work extended shifts at all hours of the day and night.

In 2004, more than one-third of physicians worked extra than 60 hours per week. Doctors who work in undersized offices, on the other hand, often have more time off. Doctors are from time to time required to run to the hospital in order to pact with emergencies.

The anxiety for this professionals are in a variety of industries other than hospitals, and some of the top industries includes Biomedical Companies, Health Centres, Laboratories, Nursing Homes, Polyclinics, Private Practice, and many more.

The average income after this is not fewer than INR 5 LPA on an average. Various top recruiters include Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Medanta Hospitals, Fortis Healthcare Ltd, Apollo Munich Health Industries Co Ltd, Cipla Ltd, etc

It is the primary step necessary to become a doctor. After graduating, students are accessible internships at the college or at various hospitals. The students generally take up practice in private hospitals or open up their personal clinics. Numerous positions are accessible in top PSUs and government bodies which include- the railways, armed forces, state hospitals, and many more.


Facts About MBBS

MBBS, full form is Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, is an undergraduate (UG) course of duration 5.5-year in India. This course is exclusively curate for the students who are highly interested in making an entrance into the medical world. Given  below are some appealing facts about MBBS jobs:

  • Its fees differ from the type of medical college in India in which the students are taking admission. On an average the fees may range from INR 10,500 to 6,05,000.
  • The government is scheduling to spend 2.5 % of the country’s spending on the Public healthcare organization, and the healthcare industry dimension would increase to USD 372 Billion by 2022.
  • So it means that the jobs would be greatly in demand over the next two years.
  • AIIMS offers its MBBS graduates to go for its Post Graduate (PG) courses and propose them the place of Junior resident for a term of three years. They will also be given a stipend of INR 64,500.
  • The normal internship money during the final year varies between INR 15,500-INR 21,500.
  • Jobs in top government bodies like in the Railways or the army ranges between INR 9.5 Lac to INR 11.5 lacs.

Required Skills for MBBS Jobs 

Given below are the top required skills for an MBBS job-

Ability to under pressure for long hoursInterpersonal SkillsManaging StressCommunication skill (Especially bedside manner)
Analytical abilitiesTime ManagementPatienceDecision-making abilities
LeadershipEmotional IntelligencePractical Knowledge

Who Should carry out an MBBS? 

  • Being a doctor is not only a superior profession but also one of the most valued professions. 
  • It trains you to make an bang on human life in such an exclusive way, which gives you pleasure for pursuing the job and not only for earning a handsome sum of money. This makes this job unparalleled to any other options.
  • A student should then only chase this degree if he or she has a wholesome interest in it.
  • It is also preferable to have a doctor in the family, who can direct you all the way through. 
  • A student pursuing this degree must be prepared to take any challenge that comes in their way, face cruel consequences, but have to be emotionally strong, and also have strong willpower.

Jobs Outlook

Jobs for physicians and surgeons are ordinary to grow by about 7% between year  2018 and 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is sooner than the planned average rate for all occupations but slower than the speed for other health diagnosing and treating practitioners. The insist for more doctors will be driven by an aging inhabitants. 


After obtaining a degree, students can discover various job positions in this industry. Starting from the position of a General Physician, Surgeon, Dietician to being Medical Officer, Medical Coder and many more, there are ample of job opportunities accessible.

  • In May 2015, the average annual pay for healthcare practitioners and technical work (includes registered nurses, physicians and surgeons, and dental hygienists) was INR 45,75,500, which was advanced than the INR 30,00,500 median annual wage for all occupations in the wealth.
  • Healthcare occupations are normal to nurture 19 percent from 2018 to 2024, much quicker than the average for all occupations, creating just about 2.53 million new job oppotunities.

With a variety of industries and top recruiters accessible, given below is the list of some of the MBBS job roles, all along with the packages obtainable –

ProfileDescriptionStandard Salary Package (INR)
General PhysicianThey check and test patients; take their medical histories; prescribe medications; and suggest medical tests.6.2 LPA
Medical OfficerThey advise and offer medical support, spot problems, and give  recommendations on health issues and disease control.7.3 LPA
SurgeonThese professionals are accountable for carrying out surgeries on patients. Usually they are the one having done their specializations in a specific area of medical science.10.5 LPA
PediatricianThis is the one who treats the illness in children and examines their general growth and development.5.5 LPA 
DieticianThey generally promote nutrition among the patients or the general public and prepare healthy diet plans for them.5.1 LPA 

Government Jobs

Students after achievement of the degree often chase jobs in the government sector. MBBS government jobs, particularly in the Indian railways and in the Indian army are always in high demand.

Jobs in the Railways

Jobs in Railways are often advertised by the diverse departments of the railways which include the eastern, South-eastern, central, and many more railways. The minimum eligibility for the railways is – Students must be at least have an MBBS graduate degree. Occasionally specialization or postgraduate (PG) degrees are required for special posts. The average salary necessary for the doctor in the Railways is INR 9,50,500. Jobs in the railways may be on both a permanent or contractual basis. Students often have to acquire the PPB entrance exam to locked a job in the Railways.

Jobs Armed Forces

Another most popular government job for doctors is the recruitment in the Armed forces (AF). The students can get recruited as medical officers in the armed forces (such as Indian Army , Air force or Navy). The average salary can varies between INR 9,70,500 to INR 13,20,500.

Career Option After MBBS 

  • Doctor – It is the largely common alternative that most of the students choose, after being an MBBS graduate. You can either take a job in any hospital or practice on your own, by opening your own compartment.
  • Medical Teacher – This is also a good career option you can choose for with the requirement of MBBS. You can relate to any college having this course for this job. The average salary is 17.5 lakhs per annum.
  • Public Health Workers – They assist to monitor and crack public health outbreaks. They also begin research to reduce health hazards that are hazardous to humankind. The average salary is 700,500 per annum.
  • Hospital Administrator – They are accountable for departmental activities mostly. Also, they assess employees and doctors, assist in creating medical treatment, patient services, quality treatment, and many more. The average salary is INR 480,500 per annum

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Top Industries for MBBS Jobs 

The options for MBBS professionals to work are not restricted to only hospitals, but there are much more obtainable as well.

Given below are the top industries –

Biomedical CompaniesHealth Centres
Medical CollegesMedical Foundation/Trust
Non-Profit OrganizationsNursing Homes
Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology CompaniesPolyclinics
Private PracticeResearch Institutes

MBBS Top Recruiters

As there is an enormous demand for MBBS pass-outs in a variety of industries, given below are some of the top recruiters who are offering an average salary varies from INR 5.5 to 13 LPA-

Medanta HospitalsFortis Healthcare Limited
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries LimitedApollo Munich Health Industries Co Limited
Sri Ganga Ram HospitalLilavati Hospital and Research Centre
Wockhardt LimitedApollo Hospitals Enterprises Limited
Cipla LimitedReligare Health Insurance Company Limited
Indraprastha Apollo HospitalsAll India Institute of Medical Sciences

MBBS Jobs Abroad

With a strong pandemic and the growing array of new diseases and difficulties in the field of healthcare all around the world, the demand of MBBS professionals has enormously increased by many-folds in the foremost economies in the world. The students can ground jobs in various private hospitals, clinics, research facilities, and many more. 

The qualification for doctors is at least an MBBS degree (UG). In some cases, an MD degree is also compulsory. A score of 6.5 is essential for the IELTS entrance exam. Occasionally the experience of 4-7 years is also required.

Future Scope

Students can either make a profession in the mentioned industries or they can also go for to study further. The two most courses opted the most after finishing MBBS are Master of Surgery (MS) courses and Doctor of Medicine (MD) courses.

Pursuing a superior degree in the same field will help students to get esteemed and renowned job in a precise area. This would also permit them to like a large number of opportunities, along with an add to in pay.

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