Best courses after 12th computer science

Whatever field you select in your 11th class, computer science as a theme lets you make a path in technology. Technology is altering our lives at a rapid level. New technologies arise every day to make our lives more relaxed. The fundamentals of computer science are computer science covered in 11th and 12th and scholars of all streams dream of a alleged job in MNCs. If you are one of them, do you recognize what job opportunities are coming up for you? What paths or degrees you can go for and how long will it take?

The occupations after following computer science courses are typically in technical wings and IT companies. The scholars can also work in organizations, colleges, and universities as teachers and advisors. Many government job openings are specified for people with an engineering grade and courses. Furthermore, there are numerous other computer operator and other professions to start the career.

Best courses after 12th computer science

Here are certain of the courses and degree obtainable after 12th with computer science. The option duration, syllabus, and job opportunities are flexible.


B. Tech is a 4-year option after 12th computer science. The academic gradation program is chiefly for science scholars who have physics, chemistry, and maths in their 12th course. The 12th must be from a known board to get admittance in a good college. The scholars need to do training to get a well-paying job.

2. BCA

It is a three years gradation academic degree program after 12th with computer science. Scholars from specific field (Science, Commerce, Arts) can follow this sequence after clearing their 12th from a known board. The scholars learn to progress software, cloud, websites, and mobile applications.


The dual degree or combined course is a 5-year option. The progress is intended for learners who want to build in-depth understanding of their field. The progression is to get industry skills in a specific domain. Scholars from any stream can go for this option after completing 12th from a known organization.

4. BCA (HONS.)

The BCA (Hons.) platform is updated on a steady basis to keep the learners up to the newest tenure of the industry. The option is three years long as like the modest BCA course. The path is a bit diverse from the simple BCA course. The scholars from any stream after conclusion of their 12th can appear for the sequence.


The option is a bit dissimilar from the simple BCA-MCA combined course. It is a five years long academic program to get a tenable job. It is a progression open for all the scholars after 12th computer science. The class is not narrow to any stream. The job openings after this course are marvellous in the industry.


B.Sc in information and technology is one of the greatest loved options in computer science. The scholars passing 12th class from a documented board can follow the course. The option offers satisfactory jobs in MNCs and other fields. The extent of the progression is three years. To get a good paying and alleged post, you need to be good at your abilities.


B.Sc computer science is a three-year long academic gradation course for scholars passing their 12th from a known board. The scholars need to have complete their 12th from science stream to follow B. Sc in computer science. The subject in the graduation comprises physics and chemistry, and that’s why science background is obligatory for this course.


Diploma in computer science and engineering is a expert course for scholars who have passed their 12th from a confirmed board. The sequence is a three year long academic program. The job openings in the field make it lovable to scholars. The option is job concerned with, and if you have well skills and sound knowledge, you can rapidly get a good occupation. It is a course arisen with the mixture of computer science and engineering.


Computer engineering is also a certificate course that links your profession with software, website, applications, and cloud development. The applicants of this option need to pass 12th with computer science from a alleged board. The three year long academic program is a job concerned with option for those who want to secure their job in the field of technology.


The option is precisely for software development. As like other diploma options, it is a three year long academic platform. The course helps you improve your expertise in the field. The scholars who perform for the course must have passed their 12th from a confirmed board of education with computer science as a subject.

Computer Courses After 12th: Eligibility

The basic suitability to follow any computer courses is passing of class 12th from a known board with an cumulative of 50%. Further, contingent on the level of computer courses, the suitability criteria is as follows:

  • Certificate, Diploma, and UG computer options require a applicant to pass class 12th from a known board. Though, some computer options online and diploma courses, even reflect class 10th scholars for admissions.
  • Postgraduate diploma and PG computer options require a bachelor’s degree in any stream, if possible engineering or computer science, with computers as one of the chief subjects, and an cumulative of 50% or more.
  • PhD computer options can be followed after any PG computer options, given that the applicant has scored a least of 50% in his post-graduation.

Thats it in Best courses after 12th computer science. Also check CA after 10th.

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