All About CHARTERED ACCOUNTANCY & What to do after 10th to become a CA.

A chartered accountant is a specialized who is talented of working in all fields of business and finance. Finance administration, accounting, auditing, taxation and general business managing are some of the tasks that chartered accountants are skilled of performing. In modest terms, they deal with accounting and money matters (management).

CAs has diverse job chances and profiles existing in front of them. Many CAs choose to do self-practice. They can be seen proposing services through private Accountancy firms and Consultancy practices. Government bodies are also recognized to hire CAs. When it comes to private segment, MNCs, Finance Institutes (Banks, Loan firms, VC firms etc), Small/Medium scale Businesses, Private CA firms etc are acknowledged to hire them.

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CA after 10th

CA after 10th.

Scholars will now be able to seek interim admission to foundation course of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) after class 10 examinations, according to new norms.

Though, provisional admission to the foundation course will solitary be legalized once a applicant clears class 12 exams.

The new norms will allow scholars to become a Chartered Accountant (CA) six months formerly the present timeline.

“The institute has newly got the consent of the government for amending the regulations 25E, 25F & 28F of Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988, which now allows applicant to provisionally record in the Foundation Course of ICAI after passing Class 10 examinations. However, provisional admittance to the foundation course will only be legalized once the applicant clears class 12 exams.


CA course contains of 4 key levels. They are-

  • CPT (Common Proficiency Test)
  • IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course)
  • Articleship / Practical Training
  • CA Final

How to become CA after 10th – eligibility criteria

In order to make use of this competence, you must fulfil the following suitability standards to become CA after 10th:

  1. Scholars after passing Class 10th examination lead by an examining body created by law in India or an examination documented by the Central Government or the State Government as equivalent thereto, may provisionally record in Foundation Course of ICAI.
  2. Eligibility Criteria for performing in Foundation Examination is as under:-
    1. (a) Scholar has to schedule with the Board of Studies of the Institute on or before 1st day of January or 1st day of July for the examination to be detained in the months of May/June or November/December correspondingly. In other words, 4 months study period is compulsory before appearing in Foundation Examination.
    1. (b) Scholar should have appeared in the Senior Secondary (10+2) Examination led by an examining body organized by law in India or an examination recognised by the Central Government (or the State Government) as alike thereto (for the persistence of admission to graduation course)

The most significant points to note about the eligibility to schedule for CA after 10th standard are:

  1. You necessily have cleared your 10th standard examinations and currently be a scholar of either 11th or 12th class.
  2. If you wish to perform in the May/June examination session, you must register on or before January 1st of that year.
  3. If you wish to perform in the November/December examination session, you must record on or before July 1st of that year.
  4. Simply put, a scholar must have at least 4 months of preparation time amid registering and performing for the exam.
  5. The applicant must have seemed in their class 12th (10+2) exam.

Other noteworthy points concerning how to become CA after 10th

  1. There is no alteration in the Syllabus and Registration Fee of the Foundation exam.
  2. For Registering in the program, visit
  3. If you are a class 12th scholar and you record for the exam in May/June after writing your class 12th examinations in March/April and you clear your CA Foundation examinations but you fail to clear your class 12th examinations then your CA registering will not be lawful. Your provisional admittance to Foundation course will be standardized only when you clear Class XII examinations.



The first step is to record with the ICAI for CPT. This can be complete by scholars who have passed 10th standard. Thus, it is safe to say that the main step towards becoming a CA can be taken after finalizing 10th standard.


After finishing 12th standard, scholars who have registered for CPT have to clear the CPT examination. Note: Scholars are qualified to take CPT test only after completing at least 60 days after preliminary date of registering with the ICAI.


Scholars who have passed 12th class and cleared CPT are entitled to join IPCC. Within IPCC course, there be Orientation Program and ITT (Information Technology Training). Scholars have to compulsorily complete 35 hours of orientation program and 100 hours of ITT preparation.


After conclusion of the 9 months long IPCC course, scholars have to perform for (and clear) the IPCC Group 1 and Group 2 examinations.

It is compulsory to clear the Group 1 examination to continue to articleship stage. Group 2 stage can be cleared during articleship phase too (if one can’t clear it before).


This is 3 years long applied training stage. To enter this level, a scholar must have cleared IPCC Group 1 examination. Those who haven’t cleared IPCC Group 2 examination may perform for (and clear it) during the articleship period!


After passing both the Groups- 1 and 2 of IPCC course, successful scholars may record for the CA final course.

After 2 years of articleship preparation, scholars have to undergo and whole 15 days long courses on general managing and communication skills.

While aiding the last 6 months of CA final course, scholars may appear for (and clear) CA final examination (Group 1 and 2).


If the whole thing goes conferring to the plan, you will be capable to complete articleship after clearing CA final examination. Note: One must clear essential papers in first attempt itself to follow the path stated in this article.


After finalizing all the essential courses, examinations and articleship training stated above, successful applicants may acquire ICAI membership. After registration with the ICAI and obtaining membership, one is qualified to use the title of ‘Chartered Accountant’!

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