B.Planning & B.Arch – Key Highlights

Bachelors of Architecture is one of the utmost attractive and cost-effective options with a wide possibility for development. As the economy is rising and countries are investing more towards infrastructure, chances for architects are also increasing. Furthermore, with an stress on infrastructure, the planning and management for the similar is growing, making way for well opportunities in planning careers. Also check BBS syllabus.

B.planning & B.arch

Here’s a glance at the resemblances and differences between B. Arch and B.Planning to assistance an candidate understand which one is better:

Full-FormBachelors in ArchitectureBachelors in Planning
Period5 Years4 Years
Regular FeesINR 4 Lakhs to 8 LakhsINR 1 Lakh to 2 Lakhs
SuitabilityMinimum 50% in 10+2 from a recognized board with subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as compulsory.A minimum of 50% in 10+2 from a recognized board with compulsory subject as Mathematics.
Normal SalaryINR 6 LPAINR 5.5 LPA
FocusesApplied Civilizations,Architectural DesignStudio,Building Economics,RCC Structures,Urban Designs,etc.Surveying & Photogrammetry, Settlement Sociology,UrbanManagement,Regional Planning,Urban Governance,etc.

B.Planning vs B.Arch – Overview

B.Arch is one of the most noticeable courses in construction and scheming. The option has earned more acknowledgement over the years due to the government and private institutes’ increase in infrastructure and construction. During the 5-years allow the scholars to earn proficiency in designing, making blueprints for building infrastructure, and supervising and confirming the process of the project for the private and public segments.

B.Planning or Bachelors in Planning is progressively growing as the government, and the people of the economy are suitable more inclined to proper planning and designing of the country and the infrastructure of cities and towns. Therefore, one is communicated with a deep-dive knowledge of planning – urban and rural areas, real estate development, and housing settlement.

Though, B. Arch is measured more technical than B. Planning, but as the people and government of economies have develop more interested in planning a scientifically and economically planned city and settlement, there has been a following rise in the specialists with a knowledge in planning.

B.Planning vs B.Arch – Eligibility Criteria

Attainment admission into the undergraduate program for Architecture and Planning needs dedication and desire for the course. The standards for admission in Bachelors of Architecture and Bachelors in Planning more or less have alike necessities however differ in certain aspects:

  • To get into the topmost colleges for Bachelors in Architecture, one has to score a least of 50% grades in their 10+2, from a known central or state board with required subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • Though, for B. Planning, a scholar requires a least of 50% in the higher secondary exam from a known board of exam with mathematics as their compulsory subject. 
  • A person, having a diploma under 10+3 type of exam from any discipline and a known university or board examination can relate for Bachelors in Planning or Bachelors in Architecture. 

B.Planning vs B.Arch – Entrance Exams

Actuality a part of top universities and Colleges for a bachelor’s in Architecture and Planning is a matter of importance and requires appropriate preparation and commitment towards the entry examination and subsequent rounds of interview. Diverse universities have dissimilar structures for taking the admission procedure all across India. All government and private institutions take up a different set of exam based on the basic information of the course along with the class 12 syllabus. Certain of the common exam for B. Architecture and B. Planning are:

  • NATA
  • JEE Main
  • AAT

Entrance exams for B.Planning:

  • JUEE

Even though the examination pattern is dissimilar, after the 1st two common rounds, scholars appearing for B.Arch have to sit for the Drawing test having two questions, whereas B.Planning scholars have 25 questions containing four grades each.

B.Planning vs B.Arch – Benefits of Pursuing

Benefits of B.Arch 

  • After conclusion, one can work under Government contributions in departments like Archeological, Housing & Urban Development Corporation, Department of Railways, etc.
  • A occupation that is lucrative and dynamic with no monotony. Each project that scholars handle will be poles separately from the previous one. Every building or every structure is dissimilar and has its own set of challenges to handle.
  • Once candidates complete their degree, it is not essential to work under a private or government organization. One can work self-sufficiently after the alumna receives the license to work as an Architect.
  • One can grow and improve communication, creative thinking, observant attitude, team spirit, and strong physical strengths.

 Benefits of B.Planning

  • Scholars who study B. Planning gets wide knowledge about tools and techniques like Computer-aided strategy planning and geo-informatics for Planning.
  • One gets a full view of expertise in fundamentals of urban and rural preparation, real estate planning, urbanization, and numerous more such modules.
  • After implementation this option, a scholar can enter firms like realty firms, transportation & Railway firms.
  • One can also get Government job chances under subdivisions like Municipality, Urban development, government housing plans, transports, and railways.

B.Planning vs B.Arch – Scope

B.Arch  vs B.Planning – Job Opportunities and Top Recruiters

Under Bachelors of Architecture, afterward the completion of 5-years of tutoring and learning, as the scholar may work under secluded and government subdivision with job chances like:

  • Data Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Building Contractor
  • Landscape Architect
  • Architecture Draftsman and many more.

The topmost colleges deliver placements in companies like Jindals, Sahara Group, Manchanda Influences, DLF, Larsen & Toubro, Architect consultants, GRID Architecture Interiors Private limited, etc.

In terms of B.Planning, after following 4-years of education a scholar has the liberty to go for private, government, or self-employment professions as there lie chances for students in all three features. Job roles like:

  • Urban Planner
  • Project Planner
  • Design Architect
  • Regional Planner
  • Interior Designer and many more.

The scholars who want to enter the private subdivision can expect topmost recruiters like Quarks Technosoft catering to realty & construction companies, NGOs, and Urban Planning firms. Public structure construction firms like roads and railways are primary recruiters. Government occupation opportunities come under sections of housing schemes, PWD employment, Urban Planning, and Municipality.

B.Planning vs B.Arch – Salary

The usual salary of B.Arch can twitch somewhere between INR 5 to 6 LPA. This salary moves aloft with experience in the field and the projects the graduates work on. It might move up to INR 10 LPA within five years in this subdivision.

Job DesignationAverage Pay
Data AnalystINR 4.3 LPA
Project ManagerINR 9 LPA
Building ContractorINR 5.8 LPA
Landscape ArchitectINR 3.8 LPA
Architecture DraftsmanINR 3 LPA

Yearly, the regular salary for B.Planning graduates varieties between INR 3 and 5 LPA in the first stage of their carers.  The salary extremely depends upon the recruiter and the job role that one has been obtainable during the placements or staffing. For an Interior Designer, the remuneration can be around INR 2.5 – 3 LPA, whereas, for a Regional Planner, the salary can be anywhere between INR 5.5 to 6 LPA. 

Job DesignationAverage Payscale
Urban PlannerINR 4.9 LPA
Project PlannerINR 4.6 LPA
Design ArchitectINR 3.5 LPA
Regional PlannerINR 4.9 LPA
Interior DesignerINR 3 LPA

B.Planning vs B.Arch – Higher Studies Scopes

After conclusion of a B.Arch degree,  a scholar can also move ahead for additional education in architecture with a Master’s in Architecture and Design or even a Ph.D. from Indian or foreign universities giving out improved pay and chances. Some of the options one can opt for additional education are:

  • M.Arch in Conservation and Restoration
  • M.Arch in Landscape Design
  • M.Arch in History and Theory
  • M.Arch in Urban Planning
  • Masters in Design Engineering
  • Masters in Project Management

On the additional hand, B.Planning allows a scholar to get a hand into the generalized view of the contemporary study of subjects like Design, Technology, Ecology, and Fundamentals of Regional Planning. Though, a scholar can continue learning and take a particular master’s degree in housing, Urban Design, Transport Planning, environmental planning, etc. Some of the options one can study after bachelors in planning are :

  • M.Plan in Planning Techniques
  • M.Plan in City and Metropolitan Planning
  • M.Plan in urban Governance
  • M.Plan in Urban Transportation
  • M.Plan in Poverty & Development

 B.Planning vs B.Arch – Top Colleges

A degree in Architecture and Planning is documented and measured an esteemed degree and proficiency learned over the years in India. This is due to the excellent course program offered by some of the topmost universities and institutes in our country. Certain of the top colleges for Bachelors in Architecture and Bachelor in Planning are given further down: 

Bachelors of Architecture:

  • Jadavpur University
  • Manipal University
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • NIT Trichy

Bachelors of Planning:

  • School of Planning & Architecture Vijayawada
  • Manipal University
  • Sushant School of Art & Architecture
  • School of Planning and Architecture New Delhi

B.Arch vs B.Planning – Which One to Choose?

Near the end, we can claim that together the courses provide plenty opportunities for learning and development contingent upon the interests and inclination of the candidate’s mind. The two options have been designed to give an general knowledge to the scholars in terms of theoretical knowledge and applied overview of the subject.

Field of study: Together the courses offer a set of chances concerning their field of education. One allows a scholar to enter the world of Planning and to comprehend the settlement and urban construction, whereas the other lets a scholar to learn and know-how in the infrastructure and designing. It be contingent on the scholar’s sentiment and interest towards the subjects and field of study.

Better Scope: B. Arch and B. Planning allow a scholar to deep-dive into the world of scheming and planning the infrastructure. Both let scope for the job and high recompense and earn a high education degree after finishing bachelor’s degrees. As per their preference, a scholar can choose amid govt and private jobs or choose to study further and earn a master’s degree.

The final choice rests on the shoulders of the candidates. Scholars need to weigh all the issues along with their individual interests to make a concrete excellent. Both these options have an equal reputation in the market and offer a countless future for aspirants.

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