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All progressive organizations are the product of the visions and ideas of their leaders. KIIT College of education is the most recent among schools of education that are operated by the community that was developed with the goal of providing top-quality education provided by notable teachers.

Why choose KIIT College of education

A broad-based curriculum is offered that encourages the development of critical thinking skills, effective writing, and verbal communication, and the skills needed for continuous learning. The approach of KIIT’s higher education and the diverse academic experience provides students with the knowledge and practical approach required to build the foundations to achieve personal and professional success.

KIIT is dedicated to high-quality research. It also provides excellent facilities and a welcoming atmosphere for our academics as well as students. The research of KIIT covers several different fields, including, however, not only medical technology, biotechnology; rural management, nutrition, and physical activity as well as education as well as mental.

Established By-

Vidyapati Sansthan, an educational society, was founded in 1969 with the aim of providing an education of the highest quality, that will transform the youth of today into active citizens of our country. Vidyapati Sansthan has established an extensive network of schools as well as other establishments within NCT Delhi. To further this endeavor and to improve the quality of the higher education system at every level, KIIT has been established with this goal in mind to address the increasing demands of professional higher education.

Aims of the Institution

  • Offering quality, value-based education at a high international standard, and instilling the ability to solve real-world issues.
  • The cultivation of a global view in the way we think.
  • Leadership qualities are developed through innovative vision.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship spirit and the realization of social responsibilities.
  • The cultivation of adaptation to morality, ethics, and other healthy ways of life in the workplace.
  • The instilling of a habit of continuous learning.
  • Encouragement and support for creativity and research-mindedness.
  • Establishing and encouraging close collaboration with the industries and other utility sectors. Keeping up with the latest technologies.


The performance of KIIT which is a relatively new university that was founded in just 17 years in this highly-regarded ranking is impressive considering it’s an immense multi-disciplinary school with up to 28 faculties. In addition, KIIT has been consistently setting standards in higher and professional research and education. Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) has entered 2021 with an enthralling number of 21 in the rankings of universities. What’s more impressive is the fact that it keeps it as the highest among all private and public universities across India in the NIRF India Rankings 2021.

Campus Life

Why choose KIIT College of education

Life at KIIT isn’t only lectures and studying sessions. Students are given numerous reasons to enjoy time off from their reading. At KIIT, students have the opportunity to learn in a meaningful way as they enjoy everything university life offers. It is essential to attend university however, it also offers a chance to make friends and experience great times outside of the classroom. This is why – in addition to libraries, lecture theatres, and Wi-Fi hotspots, the campus has areas to meet, drink an espresso, and socialize. The university culture as well as chatting with friends and discussing your lectures are important aspects of your student experience. The organization makes sure that all students can make the transition smoothly to university without feeling isolated. The orientation program offered by KIIT offers workshops as well as social gatherings as well as study groups, and the opportunity to engage on campus. By participating in these events, you can make a successful beginning to your studies at KIIT.

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