What after MBBS? – A communal cause of dilemma for medicos is that they are incapable to answer the question, What after MBBS? Candidates use to search for all the other choices which they can go through afterward MBBS. Additional questions gathering up are what kind of degree or specialism they should follow after MBBS? Once applicants decide on what to do they still have numerous sub-questions coming up. The gradation of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) has a lot of profession opportunities to offer. These openings can be grabbed by medicos on the foundation of their interests and life aims. Candidates wither can choose for a private or government job after following an MBBS degree or can select from numerous courses after MBBS.

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What should I do after MBBS

What after MBBS?

Sl. No.What can be followed after MBBS?
1Advanced studies
2Job Opportunities

What after MBBS? – Pursuing Higher Studies

The common prime of medicos after finishing an MBBS degree is to continue with their advanced studies. What is rare here is whether they choose for traditional specializations or new age specializations that are still forthcoming; whether they demand to follow post-graduation sequences after MBBS in India or abroad. In the opinions given below some of these options are stated.

traditional Specializations after MBBS
The utmost common choice among applicants, while determining on what to do after MBBS, is following a specialization in their area of interest. At this stage too, medicos’ most favoured option is an MD/MS or a Diploma in Medicine. As for India, admittances to MD/MS are lead through a few common PG entry exams which comprise NEET PG, INI CET. The specialisms offered under MD (Doctor of Medicine), MS (Master of Surgery), and other certificate programs are listed further down in the table.

The list of PG Specializations available is as follows

MD SpecializationsMS SpecializationsDiploma Specializations
Aerospace MedicineENTAnesthesia
AnatomyGeneral SurgeryClinical Pathology
AnesthesiaObstetrics & GynaecologyDVL
Community medicineOrthopedicsHealth Education
Dermatology, Venereology & LeprosyImmunohaematology
Family MedicineObstetrics & Gynaecology
Forensic MedicineOccupational Health
General MedicineOphthalmology
Health AdministrationPediatrics
Hospital AdministrationPsychiatry
ImmunohaematologyPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation
MicrobiologyPulmonary medicine
Nuclear medicineRadio-diagnosis
PediatricsRadiation Medicine
PathologySports Medicine
PharmacologyTropical medicine
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Pulmonary medicine
Sports Medicine
Tropical Medicine

Forthcoming courses in Medical Sciences and Technology
Masters in Medical Sciences and Technology is an future stream. It informs skills that syndicate sciences and engineering to doctors to train them for the state-of-the-art medical investigation in Medical Imaging and Image Examination, Biomaterials and Implants, Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells, Medical Statistics, Telemedicine, Biomedical Arrangement, Early Discovery of Cancer, Immuno-technology, Clinical Biomarkers, Biosensors, Recombinant DNA Expertise, regenerative medicine, Biomedical Simulation.

Options Abroad
Medicos can too opt for foreign studies to follow higher education in dissimilar countries. The procedure to study medicine in a foreign country is different. For example, PLAB is for following advanced studies in the UK while the USA has USMLE for PG candidates and Australia Medical Council has AMC examinations. All of these enable the process of advanced studies in the respective countries as well as job openings after course completion.

What after MBBS? – Other Opportunities

Government Jobs in health services sections

MBBS graduates can be employed in government profession profiles in central as well as state health service subdivisions. The greatest opted for job chances in central government is through Mutual Medical Services (CMS). UPSC comportments CMS to employee doctors to a number of central government institutions like Railways, municipal corporations, government infirmaries and dispensaries. The jobs are enduring in nature and subsequently offer administrative work in government health facilities. There are also several state-health-service examinations offering job chances to medicos within individual states.

Defence Services: Jobs in Army, Navy, and Air Force

Defence services are not impartial for engineers or other alumnae, they are equally likely and in request for medicos. The Indian Defence Ministry staffs MBBS graduates for infantry units, army hospitals, and emergency facilities. Such medicos who are employed by the Ministry are trained in military camps and chosen for a permanent position. This is done to make them work in sync with the army workers and comprehend the emergency situations where the army and other defence staffs step in to provide relief hard work.

Employment in Hospital Chains

Hospital chains working in private segment provide great chances to medicos who have just finished their MBBS degree and have not yet definite upon what to do additional. The top hospital chains in the above-mentioned category are Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Hospitals, and Max Hospitals. In adding, they offer hefty salaries to the doctors they exertion with.

Opportunities in Research and Academics

For persons with an inclination to research, it is a very sustaining choice to pursue it and join academia towards training and supervisory budding medical professionals. Topmost pharmaceutical firms offer profitable opportunities to MBBS graduates in their research and growth units. Not just that numerous renowned medical organizations including AIIMS, PGIMER, JIPMER, Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) etc proposal outstanding opportunities for research and academics.

Career in Health Administration/Hospital Management

Medicos with administration skills can choose for Hospital Management career selections to enhance their understanding of medicine as well as their inclination towards administration roles. It is a renowned fact that if the day-to-day facilities at hospitals are achieved well then their services become more organized and practical. There are numerous hospitals that recruit doctors in such organization roles where they estimate fit. Doctors who can understand the problematic areas, tackle challenges and discovery ways to enhance the competence of processes and administration are extremely in demand. Usually, doctors who have finished additional management programme after their MBBS degree are obtainable these roles. Master-level packages like Health Administration and Hospital Management inform crucial skills to the doctors for handling multi-specialty hospitals, special clinics, assurance companies to name a few.

Biomedical Engineering and Sciences

Additional specialized field, where medicos who have an attention in machines and their mechanisms, can try their luck in emerging machines and instruments for use in health facilities. Such options intend to develop engineering plans to advance inventions in the medical field to recover healthcare and patient care.

Self-employment through private practice/ Public health

The maximum sought after excellent of MBBS candidates is to set up a clinic or start working medicine at a secluded firm. Though, it is easier said than done, as this originates in with a lot of challenges. This choice is being chose by medical alumnae far and wide to gain hands-on knowledge and earn money.

There is a huge request for doctors in the public health subdivision and it is ever growing. Career opportunities in this field comprise medical social workers, research consultants, entrepreneurs, counselors, trainers,s, and Psychiatric. Apart from these, medicos can for NGOs possession in mind that not all NGOs offer unpaid works. Prominent amongst them are WHO, UNO, Médecins Sans Frontières.

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