India is a very populated country and by 2011, census our 65% population is below 35, which means more competition of jobs. So, people get scared when they see a large number of aspirants giving the exams, seeing the exam center full of aspirants can make one hopeless. But people don’t understand that these competitive exams are blessing in disguise. Preparation of competitive examsembodies manytraits in us which many are not able to observe. It will increase our mind responsiveness and accuracy, suppose in a job you are required to make a key decision within 30 sec otherwise your department going to lose money or reputation, normally you would have panicked but because you have been in this kind of pressure before hence you can make the decision quickly and correctly.

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We can take a simple example too, suppose you have to book a train ticket for your family, this simple task also requires accuracy and mindfulness, so a prepared student can do it in a single attempt without any fault and quickly too.  So what I am trying to say is this that preparation of competitive exams is very helpful in our daily life too, so no matter what success or no success what matters is your full effort towards cracking the exam. Do not get afraid of jumping in it because the end result will be your self-improvement which is going to help you in life one way or another.Check out  How to crack any competitive exam in this content.

crack any competitive exam
crack any competitive exam

So now that you are not afraid of the competition we can talk about How to crack any competitive exam. To crack any competition you need to develop some habits in your life like consistency towards a goal, you need to study daily without any break let me be clear rest and break are different things, rest means the time you needed to recover after intense study hours on the other hand break means to break off your pattern, so you can rest on Sunday for few hours but do not take a break from your strategy. So whatever strategy you decide to go for be consistent towards it. Check AFMC Cut Off

Next is self-confidence, never doubt yourself that you can’t do it, set one goal, and work hard towards it, doing so many things at one time can make you the master of none. You should set your priorities straight while making strategies. There is a very thin line between self-confidence and overconfidence, be confident but do not let this confidence stop you from working hard. Must Check After GNM one year courses .

How to crack any competitive exam
How to crack any competitive exam

Another hurdle we have today which was not in the past is smartphones, phones have made our life easy but hard as well if we think about how hard it is to refrain ourselves from using it. Social media especially, many people get demotivated by seeing other people having fun while you are studying In a closed room. So if you want to see yourself someplace higher, I would advise you to give up your smartphone or at least use it only for studying purposes.  Concentration is very much required for cracking any competitive exam.

How to prepare for SSC CGL

If you preparing for a government job there is another important thing I would like to talk about is knowing your strength and weakness. Some exams for some people are easy while others are hard is because they have some skills already developed for the targeted exam. Suppose you want to get into civil services so you can go through UPSC getting an A grade post and from SSC getting a B or C grade post, so knowing your strength is going to make your life easier, suppose you don’t have good writing skills which are required for UPSC exam but you are good in quantitative aptitude which requires in SSC exam.

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So I am not saying that you should not prepare for UPSC but keep in mind you have to improve your writing skills first which is going to take time and a lot of effort from you while cracking SSC is going to be very easy for you because you already have a skill developed. So the crux of the above discussion is if your goal is to get a job fast then give every paper and see which one is easy for you and get a job first which is going to give you confidence then study for your dream job, but remember do not get satisfied their keep the passion alive for your dream job.

The last thing I would say no matter what type of competitive exam you want to crack is to keep focusing on your progress and development. Give mocks of the exam as many as you can, if you are progressing even a little bit then you are on the right track. Don’t feel demotivated when the failures come. Failures are the part of your journey accept them with open arms, they come to teach you of your mistakes. Check MSC Psychology syllabus Also .The real failure is when you stop working towards your goal, giving up is the true failure.

Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached (Wikipedia)


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