What are the required skills for BJMC

Checkout What are the required skills for BJMC Here under this Article. In BJMC we study Journalism and Mass Communication. Mass communication covers all aspects of journalism. So Journalism is an integral part of mass communication. As mass communication has emerged as a new career avenue in last few decades, it is necessary to get professional training in learning different aspect of mass communication. Here we are mentioning some skills that are required for BJMC.

  • Social Responsibility – Mass Communication is a social field. Basically you provide information in various formats. You must be aware that you are interacting with the society. It’s a work of great social responsibility. If you are well trained, you can understand your responsibility and perform your work more efficiently.

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making – Training in mass communication will teach you to be resourceful and creative in solving problems. It will also help with your decision making, by learning how to effectively take the right decisions while under pressure. In a field like journalism where there is constant pressure to deliver news as fast as possible, those skills come in very handy.
What are the required skills for BJMC
  • Good Communication Skills – If you want to be a effective communicator you must learn how to communicate your feelings and expression in a impressive manner. Good oral and written skills are important if you want to excel in this arena. This isn’t come easy. It takes lots of practice and training.
  • To Handle Technical Aspect – The mass communication is no more a simple field now. With advent of newer and newer technologies, it has become imperative to learn new technical skills. Digital journalism, Editing, production there are several fields that are highly technical. Training is necessary to execute your work here.

  • Sharpen your Creativity – Though creativity is god-gifted, it also needs training to sharpen your creativity. Training gives you confidence to use your skills in a effective and impressive manner

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