Is BJMC a good career option

Yes BJMC is a good career option. After doing this course you may get jobs in different spheres of mass communication. Here is some Career Opportunity after BJMC:

  • TV Reporter – A TV reporter is assigned to cover news stories for a TV station or network each day. He the person who is responsible for gathering news for his channel or newspaper. He is the person who gives breaking news to his media organization. Glamour is associated with him. Being a TV reporter he comes on the screen or the news gets published by his name in newspaper. He holds almost a celebrity status in society.
  • TV Anchor – News anchors are journalists who inform the public by reporting news stories and events happening on a local, national, and international level. They anchor the whole show. They hold the responsibility of smooth conducting of bulletin of TV news channel. Anchor also host different guest based programs. Anchors bring TRP for his channel.  The anchor has to help in production of program too.
Is BJMC a good career option
  • Editor – A person who is in charge of the news desk at a newspaper or broadcasting organization and whose job is to oversee the selection and preparation of news items for publication or broadcast.
  • Radio Jockey/ RJ – Radio Jockeys are people who anchor music programmes on radio for various different channels. The radio jockey is the voice of his radio channel. His holds the responsibility of putting entertainment to his program.
  • Event manager – This is the job of new world. Many challenges associated with this job. The event manager has to take care of each and every thing for smooth conduction of his show. All the fashion show, stage programs and even mega marriage events are come under the event management.

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