About Criminal Lawyer & How to become a criminal lawyer in India.

Longed-for to the front lines of the legal profession. A Criminal Lawyer person is a practitioner of Law with a chosen practice of Crimes and Punishments, on behalf of the State on hand and defensive the Accused on the other hand. Lawyers in lieu of the State/ the Government are also known as Public Prosecutors, they oblige as the voice of the State as a policing system and contribution the Courts by carefully and articulately putting the facts and confirmation on record for the Criminal act to be strained and punished. On the equivalent, a Defence Lawyer protects the client who has been accused of a crime and supports the Court in considering the plea for the blamelessness of the accused. It is a fast-paced rehearsal area and therefore requires real practical training before on can jobwise pursue it individually. To turn out to be a Criminal lawyer it is very important to be able to work under pressure and be talented to think on your feet. Criminal law includes a lot of investigation and evidence gathering, consequently being able to deal with information punctually will serve you well.

Individuals who choose for a career as Criminal Lawyers, also stared as criminal defence lawyers and public defenders, signify people who have been accused of a crime. Criminal lawyers contract with a wide range of lawsuits, counting domestic abuse, sexual assaults, property wrongdoings, and drug charges, as well as driving devoid of a license, fraud, money laundering, and dishonesty. To exertion as a criminal lawyer, again its important; you must be talented to work under pressure and think on your feet. Since criminal law needs a great deal of inquiry and evidence collection, being able to contract with facts quickly would be advantageous.

How to become a criminal lawyer in India

Steps in How to become a criminal lawyer in India

Criminal Lawyer in a Casing

A criminal lawyer is a lawyer who concentrates in the field of crimes and punishments. Entities who have been suspect of committing a crime are directed by criminal lawyers. Bail bond hearings, plea bargains, trials, dismissal hearings, petitions, and post-conviction dealings are all part of their work. Criminal law is the body of law that labels criminal acts, governs the arrest, prosecution, and trial of offenders, and describes the sentences and correctional choices that are available to criminals.

Eligibility to become Criminal Lawyer

To follow Criminal Law, you must have a pertinent LLB (bachelor’s) degree in Law. 

  • You must have passed 3 or 5 year LLB (bachelor’s) degree from a known university to get admittance into a masters course
  • One of the best profession routes to get into a Criminal Law is to work/ intern under a Criminal Lawyer and advance experience in Criminal trials and cases. This will deliver you with the mandatory experience.

Types of Job Title role Criminal Lawyer

There is an plenty number of job roles/ profiles obtainable for Criminal Lawyers that one can opt created on their interest and skill set. Certain of the job roles for Criminal lawyers are assumed in detail below:

Government Advocate

Government Advocates are the supporters who are hired by the state or by the central government to signify them in court cases. To turn out to be a Government Advocate, recruitment exams are lead by UPSC and State Level Public Commission. Government Advocates are designated on the basis of the same to signify the government. The states are just like the false person, so they also essential someone to signify them in front of the court during any claim against them

NOTE- Every Government Advocate is a Private Lawyer however Not Every Private Lawyer is a Government Advocate.

 Government Pleader

Government Pleader is an officer chosen by the State Government to perform all the purposes compulsory by the Code of Civil Procedure on the Government Pleader. The job title role of the Government Pleader is to draft pleadings and appeals in the court of law on the behalf of the Government.

Public Prosecutor/ Additional Public Prosecutor

The foremost job role of the Public Prosecutor is to signify the case from the States-side (State Government) in contradiction of the suspected criminal in a criminal case or in criminal trial. An additional Public Prosecutor is a part of the state’s judiciary and is in custody of litigation and all additional procedures. To become a Public Prosecutor you will must to appear in the UPSC exam for the post of Public Prosecutor.

Criminal Law Practitioner

The job title role of the Criminal Law Practitioner is to address main Criminal Law Issues in such a way that they are beneficial for lawyers, judiciary and scholars.


A lecturer who specifies in Criminal Law will be accountable for teaching undergraduate/ postgraduate courses in Criminal law and its performs. A Criminal Law lecturer will be accountable to undertake and develop high-quality research and scholarly publication. Lawyers who have an progressive qualification, relevant experience and research in Criminal Law typically become lecturers in the own specialisation.

Industry for a Criminal Lawyer

There are a numeral of employment chances for Criminal Lawyers in different industries that guide you Steps in How to become a criminal lawyer in India . Some of the topmost sectors that hire Criminal Lawyer are listed further down:

  • High Courts/ Supreme Courts
  • Legal Practice
  • Law Firms
  • Law Colleges/ Law Universities
  • United Nation Organisations
  • Legal Websites

Topmost Recruiting Companies for a Criminal Lawyer

There are no listed companies that employee criminal lawyers. As most of them does private practice or either work with alleged and established Criminal Lawyers and their chambers. Certain of the well-known Criminal Lawyers and their chambers in India are listed further down:

  • KTS Tulsi
  • Siddhartha Luthra
  • Pinky Anand
  • Salman Khurshid
  • Kapil Sibal
  • Parag Tripathi
  • Mukul Rohtagi

Salary of Criminal Lawyer

A Criminal Lawyer regularly starts his/ her career as an intern under an recognized Criminal Lawyer for which they are rewarded a stipend. A new graduate lawyer employed under high court gets a salary of Rs.20,000 on regular per month. While an practiced Criminal lawyer draws around RS. 2,00,000-3,00,000 on an regular per month.

The salary of a Criminal Lawyer undertaking private practice will vary from client to client, and case to case.

Pros of becoming a Criminal Lawyer

  • One of the major pros of becoming a Criminal Lawyer is serving people in crisis.  serving justice for the crimes of the society 
  • A profession as a Criminal Lawyer is just not limited to treatment criminal trials. There are many thrilling careers which you can follow such as CID Officer. 
  • Even when the marketplace is declining, a career in the similar does not seem to be affected. No job sanctuary but a very well paid career. A perform of Criminal Law can never be exaggerated by the Market 
  • A career as a Criminal Lawyer can be very satisfying and sustaining as you are giving back to the community.

Cons of becoming a Criminal Lawyer

  • The nature of the Criminal Lawyer is such that it can central to stress and an corrupt lifestyle.
  • There are no secure hours when it comes to employed as a Criminal Lawyer. Since it includes a lot of research and investigation, the traditional 9-5 work hours do not relate in this career.
  • Actuality a Criminal Lawyer can lead to life-threatening potentials as you will be dealing with criminals which can weakening your emotional health.

Thats it in How to become a criminal lawyer in India. also check APSET syllabus.

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