BA LLB is an integrated law program of the undergraduate level. It is covered over a period of five years and the course is an amalgamation of arts and law. Among the most sought after law courses, BA LLB is offered in almost all the law institutes of the country. Candidates have to either give an entrance exam or get selected through merit in order to get a seat in the course. BA LLB comprises subjects of both law and arts. Innumerable job opportunities await students of this program me as soon as they complete their degree. Hope You Will get a Satisfactory answer on Difference between BALLB and BBALLB here at Best Colleges in India Website.

Difference Between BALLB and BBALLB

BBA LLB is also an undergraduate integrated law program which has a duration of five years. However, unlike BA LLB, the subjects that comprise the curriculum of BBA LLB are that of management, business subjects, and law. BBA LLB is a relatively new course in the law field but that has not been an obstacle in its increasing demand. Due to its high popularity, some top law colleges including the National Law Universities (NLUs) have also started offering the course of BBA LLB. Difference Between BALLB and BBALLB.

The main difference between BA LLB and BBA LLB is that their syllabus varies with respect to the degree or law or business administration. The subjects of law are the same in both the programs but apart from that, BA LLB covers the subjects of humanities while BBA LLB includes management and business studies subjects. However, the career opportunities after completing both these courses remain the same.

Both BA LLB and BBA LLB are unique courses in themselves and there cannot be made any comparison between them because their similarities are way more than their differences. With the career prospects being similar, the only difference that matters is the interest of the candidate.

Difference Between BALLB and BBALLB

Students who wish to make a career solely in law and want to practice law should opt for BA LLB. It will be a good choice because the subjects of BA are relatively easy which will help candidates in focusing more on the law subjects. They will also get time to do internships and other activities that will benefit their career in law. Candidates can also pursue post graduation and choose the area in which they wish to specialise. Fields like taxation, accounting, business law, criminal law, etc. are some top LLM (Master of Law) specialisations that students opt for. The courses like Company Secretary (CS), Chartered Accountant (CA), ICWAI etc. are meant for these specialisations.

If a candidate has the ambition of working in the management and business fields then BBA LLB will prove to be more advantageous for him/ her. Several law aspirants mainly opt for corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, etc. as their target is to get into corporate law. The avenues that open in this field are quite lucrative and abundant.

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