About Crime Investigation Department (CID) Officer & CID officer salary.

CID officer is one of a prevalent career optimal among numerous candidates who wish to kind their career in the field of criminal justice. Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is a crime uncovering agency that comes further down the Government of India. A CID officer explores the exact cases that are trusted by the government. To select a career as a CID officer, one necessity be a difficulty solver with sturdy interpersonal skills and have well-developed cognitive and critical-thinking skills to solve problems pertaining to crime, investigation, trial and collection of criminal intellect.

The occupation of CID officers comprises investigation of main and complicated crimes like rape, murder, serious attack, communal riots, and frauds. They do investigative duties such as assembly facts and collecting confirmation for criminal cases and fraud, keeping full reports of the investigative procedure, presence autopsies, exchanging information and organizing activities with other agencies and confirm that the investigation procedure is completed in a comprehensive and thorough way, leave-taking no stone unturned.

CID officer salary

Eligibility to turn out to be Crime Investigation Department (CID) Officer

There are numerous posts obtainable for applicants in the CID. To become a CID officer one should need to have at minimum two years experience as a uniformed officer. After that, you can relate for the transfer to CID office stake where you will be skilled. The minimum experiences required for a applicant who desires to join the crime investigation department are stated below:

Subject GroupingAny stream in class 12
Entrance ExaminationIndian Civil Services examination held by the Union Public Service Commission
Educational CredentialsTo join CID, a applicant must have done validation in any stream from a known university.A applicant who has now completed graduation can link this section as a sub-inspector.There are numerous universities in India that proposal degrees in criminology and criminal justice at the graduation level which may be cooperative to join CID.
CitizenshipIndian Citizen
GenderBoth Female and Male candidates are eligible 
Least Age Required20 Years
Upper Age Limit27 Years
Age Relaxation5 years relaxation for SC/ ST grouping scholars (20 – 32 years)3 years relaxation for OBC grouping scholars (20 – 30 years)
Least HeightMale – 165 cmFemale – 150 cmHills men and tribal – a relaxation of 5 cm
Chest76 cm with expansion
SightednessDistant Vision – 6/6 in one and 6/9 in the other eyeNear vision – 0.6 in one eye and 0.8 in the other eye
Number of TriesGeneral Category – 4 attemptsOBC Category – 7 attemptsSC/ ST Category – No limit
Selection ProcedureWritten TestPhysical Fitness TestInterview

Types of Job Title role Crime Investigation Department (CID) Officer

To be in this occupation, one can match his/her particular comforts up with dissimilar federal law implementation agencies. For CID officers there are a diversity of job profiles that one can goal on the basis of their curiosity areas. Certain of the job profiles that can be chose are listed below:

Fraud Investigator: He/she examines fraud by obtaining declarations of fact, depositions or confessions from complainants, managers and witnesses. A fraud investigator also researches records and obtains, analyse, and assess evidentiary data and supervise the development and operation of fraud prevention, detection and resolution strategies.

Police Officer: Police officers answer to incidents and complaints, file interactions, and collect evidence. They arrest criminals and suspects, gather evidence, and testify about cases and discourage criminal activity as well as display any threat to public security.

Investigative Officer: The profession of investigative officers is to comportment inquiries to discover who stanch crimes and to gather evidence to prosecute and convict suspects. They write information based on the findings and are frequently called upon to appear in court to clarify the results of their investigations.

Criminologists: They comportment research, develop theories, examine crime scenes, and compose reports. They use their logical backgrounds to assist law implementation in identifying and understanding criminal behaviour.

Paralegal: Paralegal investigates truths and laws of cases to regulate causes of action and to make cases. Maximum of the time, paralegals work for law offices, establishments’ legal departments or courts. They also contribution lawyers in filing materials such as motions, memos and pleadings.

Narcotics Officer: A narcotics officer concentrates in averting illegal drug use and distribution. Narcotics officers also might write information and analyse proof for cases. They also disseminate evidence concerning drug anticipation within the community.

Employment Chances for Crime Investigation Department (CID) Major

CID officers classify, collect and procedure physical evidence at crime acts. They are chiefly employed in the government segment, however, they can also be working by law enforcement assistances. The employment chances are also current in several other agencies such as native, state, and federal government agencies, drug enforcement agency (DEA) or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Topmost Recruiting Agencies for a Crime Investigation Department (CID) Officer

The occupation of a CID officer in the government segment is to investigate the multifaceted cases under the government of India. Therefore, the government of India is the recruiter that proposals job to CID officer, though, one can too work for drug enforcement agency (DEA) or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). There are also numerous branches which work below CID such as, Finger Print Bureau, CB-CID anti-terrorism wing, anti-narcotics cell and anti-human trafficking & missing persons cell.

Salary of Crime Investigation Department (CID) Officer

As a CID officer advances experience, his or her accountabilities upsurge and the salary platform also varies contingent upon the post. Certain of the comparative salary figures for dissimilar job side view of CID officer are listed below:

Job ProfilePreliminary Salary per annum (in INR)Mid-Level Salary per annum (in INR)Elder Level Salary per annum (INR)
Fraud Investigator2,56,0813,51,35311,73,688
Police Officer1,76,1713,25,9557,86,886

Pros of suitable  Crime Investigation Department (CID) Officer

  • Actuality  CID officer proposals one good benefits and promotion chance.
  • Working as a CID officer is as jobwise rewarding as other criminal justice professions. One does his/her part to keep the public non-violent from criminals.
  • A title role of a CID officer can help one develop a better-rounded officer and help grow supervisory skills.

Cons of suitable  Crime Investigation Department (CID) Officer

  • The occupation of a CID officer can be demanding and very dangerous. The probabilities of on-the-job injury and illness are very prevalent.
  • One has to be continuously be prepared for different life-threatening circumstances that can occur.
  • One has to treaty with criminals who may be violent and rude.
  • The occupation can be very tiring as there are frequently very long hours complex.

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