Can arts student do BBA

How many of you curiosity which are all the best career choices after 12th Arts? Every year, millions of scholars complete their higher secondary examination in the arts field. And the one question they are riddled with after conclusion of board exams is – Can arts student do BBA? Best career choices for arts students?

As a field of education, arts (or humanities) draws stimulus from history, language, cultures, societal standards, philosophy, visual arts, music, and other intellectual features of life. Scholars pursuing arts subjects are taught and trained to harness their investigative, analytical, and critical faculties. Thus, scholars who whole their higher secondary studies in arts find it quite contented to prepare for the Indian Civil Services examinations. It is not stress-free to find high paying jobs for 12th arts if one has not chosen the right progressions after 12th arts.

Scholars who follow their 12th standard in arts enjoy the perk of choosing from a extensive range of career options after 12th arts. This is because career options for arts scholars are sufficiently, thereby making this field a diverse one with an extensive career scope.

Certain of the most promising subjects taught under humanities comprise History, Geography, Sociology, Economics, Mass Communication, Law, Psychology, Political Science, Linguistics, and Language studies (English, Hindi, Sanskrit, etc.). One of the finest things about 12th arts is that there are sufficiently of career options after 12th arts. One has to distinguish the list of all career options after 12th arts to select the right one and it can be irresistible to choose right career options for arts scholars because of the number of options available. 


Can arts student do BBA

 Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.): Can arts student do BBA

BBA is the most prevalent course accessible for scholars & one of the best courses after 12th Arts. Bachelor of Business Administration is most wanted and pursued bachelor degree career options after class 12th. The finest part about the B.B.A. option is that it is open to all scholars hailing from the three streams, arts, commerce, and science. It is a 3-year, full-time undergraduate option that opens up employment opportunities in a host of industrial segments like Sales, Marketing, Finance, Education, Hospitality, and Government. BBA is one of the prevalent career options for arts scholars. 

Certain of the most popular specializations obtainable in B.B.A. course comprise HR Management, Sales & Marketing, Finance, and Information Technology. Scholars have the option of following the B.B.A. degree either full-time or via correspondence and reflect one of the best arts career options. 

A B.B.A program delivers a solid foundation for developing business acumen, business administration, and entrepreneurial services so that scholars can effectively take on and achieve leadership roles. Any applicant wishing to opt for a B.B.A. course must own excellent communication skills, a problem-solving mindset, time managing skills, and team spirit. It is one of the best career choices after 12th arts. 

After procurement a B.B.A. degree, scholars can bag high-profile job roles like HR Manager/HR Executive, Marketing Manager/Marketing Executive, Sales Manager/Sales Executive, and R&D Executive. Because of the perquisites and advantages, BBA is one of the favoured courses after 12th arts. 

If you are absorbed in following a BBA degree after the 12th, you should check out upgrade’s online Bachelor of Business Administration option from Chandigarh University which is a UGC-approved, NAAC A+ credited university in India. The platform covers 100+ live sessions and 30+ case studies taught by foremost faculty and also provides free aptitude and soft abilities training after your first year. Scholars also avail 1-month free subscription to government exam prep.

upGrad’s programs also comprise a Bachelor of Business Administration course from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham-Ahead Online where scholars stand to obtain free training for industry certifications. The prospectus comprises 720+ worth of live sessions, 3200+ learning hours, and 40+ options that teach you industry-relevant talents, thereby increasing your chances of landing high-profile occupations in reputed establishments. 

Apart from knowledge support from faculty members, scholars also advantage from doubt resolution sessions, meeting prep classes, and free 360-degree career guidance.

what difficulties does an art student face when he or she opts for BBA

Already linking a college after the school carries out a lot of changes. Plus, altering the stream be like off! But it’s not that problematic. Up till currently, you were learning subjects like political science, history, English, etc. and nowadays your inhabitants are like accounts, management, etc… There are uncommon subjects like accounts for an art scholar, statistics that can create a lil bit of problem.

  1. Statistics– It’s been two years, and you haven’t moved maths, but suddenly you understand that you want your profession to built-in BBA, i.e., commerce field, which comprises statistics. Statistics is not entire maths but is a type of it. As you are not in touch with maths, you can face difficulties. Numerous scholars are quiet week in maths, which was the reason overdue not taking nonmedical and career-wise. So if you are one of those weak scholars, then dude! You must want some help. Do emphasis on every lecture, cause every lesson is helpful in college life. Statistics is a topic that revolves around the formula. If you know the process, you know the answer, matey! If this subject is new to you, then emphasis on every lecture, and Don’t forget that formulations are the backbone of statistics.
  2. Accounts: If you were an art scholar, man, you must to work hard for accounts, cause accounts is a topic that needs your time, and if you think you can’t do it, go for teaching, cause studying a thick book earlier the exam is not possible. If you are clear with the concepts and on-going with the basics, you can dance about with accounts.
  3. Management: Management is a captivating subject, in my opinion; if you want to notch like a topper, then this subject is the answer. It has a straightforward, remember the points, all the issues are mostly relatable in every chapter . This subject teaches you how to work in an enterprise. Frequently, noticed in this subject that recall the points, and you can write its theory on your own.
  4. Economics: If you took economics when you were an art scholar, then well done! because syllabus is almost the same; there are only a limited changes—nothing else.
  5. IT: Information Technology, i.e., computer, a topic you can master in. every scholar today is in touch with the technology and knows how to usage MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, etc… but that is what the syllabus is all about; just go with the ratification.
  6. Marketing: Most of the corporations want to sell their specific products or offer services to sell them, they need to market them for that they hire people. In BBA in Marketing, you will capable to get an executive-level job in the marketing section. For that, you are good at sales abilities if you are absorbed in marketing. Marketing executives make an brilliant income for living. Apart from a good salary, marketing executives also have many perquisites and welfares while selling.

These were the subjects of BBA in the first semester; you also have a dissimilar matter.

Thats it in Can arts student do BBA. Also check MBBS

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