Hotel Management Catering & Technology is one of those broad spectrum courses that have always opened doors for multiple opportunities and career prospects. Bachelor of Hotel Management Catering & Technology (4-years program) and B.Sc. Hotel Management(3-Years Program) are such wide bucketed programs that they absorb students from nearly all streams and then educate them, coach them and develop them into all round professionals. Students can opt for UG Course in Hotel Management after perusing their Class XII from any stream. The course is apt for students from all fields – Science, Arts & Commerce.

Hotel Management may appear to be a small phrase but is a pool of knowledge and resources that develops you as a comprehensive professional best suited for various roles in different industries besides Hospitality sector. The students are given extensive training on various parameters that include academics, soft skills and personality development. Numerous activities are conducted throughout the curriculum to engage students and boost their confidence. Students inculcate qualities such as team building, cooperation, leadership, patience, perseverance, dedication and positive approach. The students are instilled with a catchphrase “Yes I Can” from day one which later becomes the tagline of their personality.

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While other programs train you to become hard core engineers, business managers, finance specialists and data analysts, hotel management provides you a comprehensive package of language skills & soft skills which gives you an edge above the others. Hospitality has now become an integral part of almost all service sectors, be it; engineering, production, service, sales, etc. The competition in the market is immensely high and thus the need for hospitable employees with outstanding soft skills at customer contact point is in high demand these days. Appealing looks, pleasant voice, good communication skills, patient listener and an empathetic touch are the pre-requisites of customer relationship profiles. Let’s take a look at various job roles that you can opt after graduating in hotel management.

  1. Chefs – These big white hats in glamorous white coats are the charm of every hotel. Cooking is no joke but definitely a fun filled task if you like to do. So if cooking is what you like , this is the right place for you, In Hotel Management, Food Production is one of the core subjects that upgrades your culinary knowledge and later through practicals and trainings get hands-on experience. So, start your career as a Chef and the road to future knows no limits.
  2. Bar Tending & Juggling – Learn the charismatic art of bar tending & juggling during hotel management and be a centre of attraction for all visitors. Be playful & whimsical and magnetize your guests.
  3. Front Desk Managers/ Receptionist – Instilled with soft skills, telephone etiquettes and other personality traits, hospitality graduates are a perfect choice to be the face of any organization. Effective written communication and efficiency in verbal communications leaves a positive first impression in the minds of the customer. Answering phone calls, email etiquettes and guest handling procedures are the prime focus throughout the tenure of the course.
  4. Administrative Assistant/ Personal Secretaries – Being punctual regular, focused and organized are the key features of working in hospitality. In fact, this is the basis of work culture in any organization. These are also the fundamental requirements of Admin Assistant /Personal Secretary job profiles. Whilst the department heads and executive managers may be over loaded with meetings and other responsibilities, the duty to enlist their tasks and keep them organized and responded in timely manner lies with their secretaries. Hospitality graduates are trained under such intrinsic & time bound environment that they prove to be diligent and efficient Assistants / Secretaries.
  5. Sales Professionals – Sales is the revenue generating department of any organization and hiring skilled sales professional is of paramount importance to them. A high standard of grooming, effective communication, good listening skills and a positive approach makes them a perfect match for this job role.
  6. Tele-calling / BPOs /KPOs – Hospitality graduates undergo a detailed coaching on telephone etiquettes. This includes standards of how to answer a call, conversing, keeping on hold, taking messages and reverting back. No other course gives this kind of a training on telephone handling. This proves to be an added advantage to these students and they are preferred amongst other graduates when being hired for BPOs /KPOs etc.
  7. Relationship Managers – Today’s modern businesses are not only customer centric but also service oriented. Modern user needs everything over the phone call and at the door –step. For survival and growth of the business it is important to cater to such needs actively. Relationship Managers play a vital role in building strong customer base by following the principle of retention and acquisition.  This is only possible if the people in these roles are patient, soft, compassionate & kind. Hospitality graduates are undoubtedly a bundle of these qualities and hence prove to be outstanding relationship managers.
  8. Flight Steward & Cabin Crew – Hospitality professionals have a promising future in the airline sector as well. Graduates with interest in Food & Beverage Service get an opportunity to join as Flight Stewards and Cabin Crew Members. This means you get to travel around places while you work. Sounds interesting indeed!

The list is unending and goes beyond imagination. Enter the gigantic world of hospitality and drown yourself in the fantasy of this captivating, dazzling and irresistible charm. This is It in CAREER AFTER HOTEL MANAGEMENT . Check More Article Related to CAREER AFTER HOTEL MANAGEMENT here on Site.

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