About Mathematics & Computing IIT Cutoff.Mathematics and Computing, is a exclusive programme and the first of its kind in the nation. The prospectus for this program is designed to meet the need of erudite mathematics in modern scientific investigations and technological innovations. The curriculum has three constituents: mathematics, computing and financial engineering which are perfectly combined so that the strong mathematical and analytical components that are in-built in the program form the basis on which the technological features of computing and finance are advanced. Accordingly, the programme, which is run by a team of dedicated faculty as instructors, produces a group of apprentices with numerous skills in mathematics, computer science and financial engineering.

However the curriculum is comparatively new, its success has already been revealed through internships and job placements, and admissions for higher studies at best institutions, both in India and abroad. The students are acknowledged through JEE (Advanced).

Mathematics & Computing Engineering is merger of mathematics with computer science and financial engineering. Covering the main areas in demand today, this course is of greatest value to the ambitious engineers. The course delivers scholars with complete theoretical knowledge and also practical training in computer science, numerical computing and mathematical finance. This curriculum has been introduced due to the need for sophisticated mathematics for modern scientific inquiries and technological growths. The prospectus is intended to deliver scholars with in depth theoretical background and applied training in computer science, numerical computing and mathematical finance. Also check beautician course fees.

Mathematics & Computing IIT Cutoff.

Placement in this field.

On effective completion of the course, scholars can find a profession in software industries, financial institutions and government officialdoms. The employ areas also cover Consulting Engineering firms, Pharmaceutical Industry, Telecom industry, Banks and Insurance companies and Government organizations. Topmost recruiters comprise companies identical Microsoft, Mphasis, Amazon India, L & T Ltd., Avacor. The MnC scholars from the IITs are accessible amazing packages from reputed companies, some distinguished among them being Microsoft, Epic Systems (US), Visa, Walmart, NetApp, Zynga Arista Networks, Qualcomm, Open Sol, SISO, Citrix R&D and Whizdom Edu and many more. The noble news is that since the extent of scholars enrolled in this programme across all IITs is less, the regular package becomes one among the maximum.

Mathematics and computing cutoff

General Category: Mathematics & Computing IIT Cutoff.

SpecializationsRound 1Round 6
Initial RankFinal RankInitial RankFinal Rank
Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering1894419018944463
Chemical Engineering1301210913012244
Civil Engineering2023365320233738
Computer Science and Engineering3110431105
Electrical Engineering311550319594
Electrical Engineering (Power and Automation)594936597961
Engineering and Computational Mechanics42712974271362
Engineering Physics1113218613112188
Materials Engineering3002393830024349
Mathematics and Computing156310156312
Mechanical Engineering61714356171464
Production and Industrial Engineering2205329222763447
Textile Technology4329588644706278

OBC-NCL Category: Mathematics & Computing IIT Cutoff.

SpecializationsRound 1Round 6
Initial RankFinal RankInitial RankFinal Rank
Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering2056263020562862
Chemical Engineering87613698761419
Civil Engineering61416126141612
Computer Science and Engineering10801083
Electrical Engineering225360225365
Electrical Engineering (Power and Automation)366587366588
Engineering and Computational Mechanics659981659981
Engineering Physics1185171114231824
Materials Engineering2053236920792423
Mathematics and Computing83250115252
Mechanical Engineering607869607917
Production and Industrial Engineering1720201017292053
Textile Technology1361320313613299

SC Category

SpecializationsRound 1Round 6
Initial RankFinal RankInitial RankFinal Rank
Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering1112164411121727
Chemical Engineering456785456785
Civil Engineering192627192627
Computer Science and Engineering19381941
Electrical Engineering4620346204
Electrical Engineering (Power and Automation)271418271418
Engineering and Computational Mechanics360554360554
Engineering Physics43511134351113
Materials Engineering85115398511548
Mathematics and Computing8416484167
Mechanical Engineering282425282432
Production and Industrial Engineering85412708541270
Textile Technology1409193614092022

ST Category: Mathematics & Computing IIT Cutoff.

SpecializationsRound 1Round 6
Initial RankFinal RankInitial RankFinal Rank
Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering967137P70P157P
Chemical Engineering227358227358
Civil Engineering24602460
Computer Science and Engineering15251525
Electrical Engineering959975
Electrical Engineering (Power and Automation)6117561175
Engineering and Computational Mechanics392495392495
Engineering Physics198846198846
Materials Engineering547664547664
Mathematics and Computing7712177124
Mechanical Engineering7418474184
Production and Industrial Engineering382699382699
Textile Technology628157P628314P

JEE Advanced Campus-wise Cutoff 2020

CoursesIIT Delhi CutoffIIT Bombay CutoffIIT Kharagpur Cutoff
Computer Science Engineering31-1052-66180-293
Electrical Engineering311-59425-2981128-,622
Mechanical Engineering617-1464832-2000980-2579
Chemical Engineering1301-2244291-11292481-4004

Admission Process for mathematics and computing IIT

  • The registration forms for the examination are accessible in the months of November and December.
  • The grouping of marks scored at the Intermediary level examination and in the JEE Advanced is measured for admission in this course.
  • The range process is carried out once the scholar clears the entrance test which is then monitored by a GD round and PI round.
  • For Adjacent Entry admission, applicants holding a diploma in the field of Engineering are also qualified for BTech Mathematics and Computing program.


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