Is bba a good option after 12th
Scholars who have completed class 12th are often jumbled about what course would be the best to follow after school. It is very significant at this point to reflect all options carefully. There are quite a few options available for class 12th and BBA is one of them.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most general options after 12th. There are manifold reasons behindhand BBA being one of the topmost choices of applicants after Class 12th. The option is especially preferred by Commerce students who need to join the management sector. Though, what makes the course even more prevalent is that it is open for scholars from other streams as well, counting Science and Arts.

BBA delivers an brilliant start to a candidate’s career. The rise of BBA as a majority course on-going in the nineties and the course has twisted out to be a frontier in undergraduate education chiefly in the last decade or so. A number of other courses alike to BBA also offer good openings. These comprise Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) and Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS).

Is BBA a good option after 12th

Here are the details why BBA should be your choice of option after class 12th.

Reasons to Choose BBA after Class 12th: Career Options for BBA Scholars

There are several motives why BBA can prove to be an outstanding course to pursue after completing class 12th. Some people reflect BBA only because they want to go for an MBA later. While this is not a bad slant, there are numerous other reasons to go for BBA.

1. BBA is a professional degree.

BBA is a option that is designed to help a scholar get ready for the industry. Scholars in a BBA course learn a diversity of subjects ranging from Finance and Accounting to Marketing and Sales. These skills and qualities are high in demand and a must for any scholar who wishes to follow a career in business management and administration.

Another advantage of BBA being a professional course is that it delivers excellent placements. The placement rate of BBA scholars is one of the best in the industry. The regular salary earned by a BBA graduate remains upward of Rs. 4 LPA, which is more than numerous other undergraduate courses.

2. BBA has a multipurpose and updated course curriculum.

Scholars of the BBA course are not only imparted theoretic knowledge but also provided practical experience as well. BBA pupils have a decent hold on how to use the awareness and skills developed during the course in a specialized setting. The course even involves lessons on refining communication skills and personality growth, which not only help in getting a better profession but are also great for your own growth as well.

On top of that, furthermost of the top BBA colleges keep the course programme of BBA efficient as per the industry standards. This means that scholars are always learning new and updated facts, which is highly helpful for any fresher in a business management role.

3. BBA portrays simplicity of career choice and provides job satisfaction.

Going for a expert course in management early on gives a clear imprint that a scholar wishes to grow into the field of business management and administration. Plus, when you choose upon a career choice this early on, it thrusts you ahead than a vast majority of the populace. This also grows a clear-minded approach headed for your career pathway.

The head start providing by BBA also helps to keep you ahead of the rivalry not only in terms of job position and salary but also in preparation for the future. The managerial skills educated in the course can also be used in the preliminary and management of one’s own business. Thus, it is also a decent choice of course for budding entrepreneurial.

4. BBA makes you for multiple sectors of business management.

BBA covers all of the diverse aspects of business administration. This styles a BBA graduate qualified to work in any part of the business be it Marketing, Operations, Sales, Finance, HR etc. For those scholars who have previously made up their minds about the management segment that they wish to join, there are sufficiently of BBA specialisms to choose from that can help them build knowledge.

It is quite communal for BBA graduates to be employed as trainees in corporate roles and then altering career pathways if they find themselves not appropriate for the chosen niche or if they find alternative job role more satisfactory. A scholar who has deliberate BBA can add value to almost any of the roles allocated to him/her.

5. BBA is a future-proof course.

BBA is a option that is predictable to stay relevant for the expectable future. Not only is this because of the adaptability of skills taught as part of the option but also because of the options that are obtainable to scholars after BBA. Most of the scholars who have finished a BBA course opt to take up a expert role. A mainstream share of the scholars is given job offers in campus assignments itself.

Some scholars choose to go for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) straight after completing BBA while many others do so after attainment some work experience. An MBA degree additional enhances the value of BBA and allows scholars to explore more growth and career chances in their desired field.

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Career Options for BBA Scholars

As BBA is a specialized course, most of the scholars pursuing this course get employ in one way or the other. Some of the best profession options for BBA scholars are as follows:

  • Cost Accountant
  • Actuary
  • Foreign Exchange Dealer
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Banker
  • Economist
  • Digital Marketer
  • Probationary Officer
  • Sales Executive
  • Research & Development Manager

Topmost BBA Colleges in India

BBA is a general course amongst the scholars passing class 12th. The option is obtainable by various colleges in every state. Here is the list of topmost BBA colleges that deliver good experience and placement opportunities to all the scholars:

Name of CollegeCity / State
International Institute of Busines Studies (IIBS)Bangalore
KIIT School of Management (KSOM)Bhubaneswar
SP Jain School of Global Management (SPJGSM)Mumbai
Chandigarh Group of Colleges (CGC)Mohali
Institute of Management Studies (IMS)Gaziabad
JECRC UniversityJaipur
Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS)New Delhi
Manav Rachna University (MRU)Faridabad
Jagannath Institute of Management Sciences, (JIMS)New Delhi

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