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Wondering which options are available after M.Com? Looking for the finest career choices after M.Com? Here’s a manual for candidates to understand and learn about the career options and courses obtainable after M.Com.

M.Com is one of the greatest prevalent master’s degree platforms for commerce graduates. It’s a 2-year program obtainable in India’s topmost universities, providing scholars with broad awareness into subjects like Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Economics, and Management. Typically, scholars with a B.Com degree choose for a master’s degree in M.Com.

Best career option after M.com

Though, today the recruiters are observing for people having particular knowledge about subjects. So, this article will take one through the diverse specialization courses one can choose for and the finest career options after M.Com.

Courses After M.Com with Best career option after M.com

Commerce scholars have a plethora of subjects obtainable to them when it comes to selecting a specialization. From Management to Economics and from Taxation to Finance, these diversities of options let the scholars to have access to numerous courses. Here’s a full list of info on the best courses after M.Com, that one can select:


MBA or Masters in Business Administration is one of the protuberant courses for scholars all across the realm. This 2-year option allows scholars to obtain specialized and cross-functional understanding in management. Scholars learn a diversity of subjects in decision-making art and science through research papers and case trainings which allow them to comprehend real-life situations and enhance their managerial and decision-making skills in the business world. Today, numerous specializations are accessible in MBA programs to choose from contingent on one’s interests and expertise.

The course is obtainable in topmost universities and institutions of India and abroad like IIMs, Symbiosis, NMIMS and several more. To take admittance in an MBA program, one has to take entry exams like CAT, NMAT, GMAT and SNAP, contingent on the institute.


Chartered Accountant is definitely among the premium courses after completing M.Com. Scholars persuading taxation and accounting should look for CA to gain knowledge in the two subjects. During this 5-year duration, the option lets scholars to learn and grow their financial and taxation knowledge and improve their analytical and problem-solving expertise. One has to experience three levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Finals, and an Articleship of 2.5 years to rehearsal and learn the real deal.

The course is lined by the ICAI ( The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). Therefore, CA is the option they should choose for if an applicant is willing to study further with devotion and ready to spend time and effort.


If a scholar is interested in research and requirements to follow the same after M.Com, here’s a option one should look for. A 3-year Doctorate platform in commerce and management allows them to gain particular knowledge about the varied features of business and fundamentals of Management art and science. This platform, during its tenure, allows scholars to explore the in-depth field of management and business and teach the knowledge to bring development and growing in trends and the field of commerce and management.

PhD is obtainable in numerous universities across the country, contingent on the subject of specialism one opts for. One can take admittance after clearing the entry exam NET held by UGC. Certain of the specialty topics are as follows:

  • Business Economics
  • Financial Markets
  • Logistics Management
  • Accounting
  • Information Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Finance


CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst is a 2.5-year option in the field of finance and investment. If a scholar is looking to establish a job in finance and investment, this is the course one must go for. Through the occupancy of this course, scholars obtain knowledge about financial analysis, derivatives, funds, bonds, investment, and portfolio managing. The course originates under a USA- based CFA institute and usually takes near four years to complete.


Like to analyse using analytical tools and interested in the financial market? Then, sign up for FRM certified expert courses. Candidates can comprehensive a two-level progression within a year, contingent on the dedication and commitment of the scholar towards the course. With the upsurge in the financial markets’ risk and dynamic market circumstances, demand for Financial Risk Manager has substantially amplified. This platform will give the scholars practical and experiential training and improve soft expertise like interpersonal and communication and emotional intelligence.

The Worldwide Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) facilitates the course, and examinations for the 1st level happen in May, July, and November. For the 2nd- level, one can perform during May and December. Though, only after 2-years of experience in the financial market and commercial world can one obtain the certification.

Career Options After M.Com: Best career option after M.com

With the progression in technology and the business world, there has been an exponential growing in demand for commerce alumnae with dedicated knowledge in Taxation, Finance, Accounting, Economics, and Management. The obligation for trained and expert professionals is rising each day. Scholars can follow a career in myriad segments for different job roles.

M.Com alumnae hold a pool of chances in the business and management world. From public to private segments to corporate jobs to banking institutes and from jobs like Teacher to Analyst to Doctorates to Accountants. There are sufficiently of opportunities if one needs to grow and develop. We have recorded down the best career choices after M.Com for candidates: 

  • Money Manager
  • Indian Administration Services
  • Professor 
  • Financial Manager
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Chartered Financial Analyst

Money Manager

Financial Organizations and Banks like Yes Bank, Canara Bank, and Export-Import Bank in India are main M.Com alumnae in India. In adding, job title role like Cashier, Money Teller, Money Manager, and Assistant Accountant are given to scholars proceeding with a degree in Masters in Commerce in India and typically pay approximately INR 3- 4 LPA contingent on the roles.

Indian Administration Services 

A postgraduate in commerce can relate for In IAS by performing for UPSC or any state public provision examination held in the country. M.Com graduates are obtainable jobs in Railways, Defence, Police, PSU, and Revenue divisions of government services and pay a preliminary salary of INR 6 LPA.

Professors / Researchers 

A Profession in teaching after M.Com is one of the most protruding options. People motivated towards teaching and research typically choose for this career after completing their doctorate in commerce or management. One can either apply for a education position in private or public institutions or even set up their education centre specialized in one or more subjects of commerce liable upon the interests and may get recompense up to INR 5.5 LPA. 

Financial Manager

After M.Com, obtaining specialized and cross-functional understanding in management is one of the most communal and go-to career options for scholars. One can get the job title role of Managers in the financial subdivision of an organization be contingent upon your specialization. There is sufficiently of space for growth and growth in this field. One’s situation keeps on growing with experience here, and the first salary starts at an regular level of INR 10 LPA.

Chartered Accountant 

Afterward gaining CA from ICAI, one can purpose as an Accountant and Consultant for businesses and administrations. One of the topmost high-paying professions in the country with a salary of about INR 6.5 LPA. If a person is eager to open his/her Accountancy Firm, you can choose for it after becoming a CA.

Chartered Financial Analyst

The occupation of CFA is measured to be one with great experiential growing and development. A fresher might start from the financial or investment analyst work role and may raise up to become the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in the company business. This job option has many possibilities, and one should certainly if they are a finance and investment enthusiast; furthermore, one can imagine a starting salary of INR 8 LPA.

Thats it in Best career option after M.com. Also check Diploma online application.

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