How To Become Indian Army Officer

Indian Army is viewed as the oldest and largest branch of Indian Armed Forces. Checkout How To Become Indian Army Officer Here in this Article .

How To Become Indian Army Officer

About Army Officer

The main responsibility of the armed forces is to train the individuals to fight on land. Indian Army contains of different divisions. Indian Army protections the geographical boundaries of the country and fights with the enemy territory in the occurrence of the war. The army training includes of both defensive and offensive training. Indian Army also plays a energetic role in carrying out relief and rescue operations during natural calamities and for counterinsurgency. The opportunities accessible in Indian Army are enormous. No other career offers such phenomenal opportunities to advancement your skills.

How to become Army Officer

The minimum qualification obligatory to become an army officer is Class 12. The thorough process of becoming an army officer is explained below. How To Become Indian Army Officer.

How To Become Indian Army Officer

National Defence Academy (NDA) Eligibility:

  • The applicants who have completed Class 12 can apply for National Defence Academy (NDA).
  • The lowest age required to apply for NDA is 16.5 to 19.5 years.
  • NDA organise written exam for the training courses twice a year.
  • Candidates who clear the written exam along with physical and medical tests will have to undertake three years of training at NDA, Khadakwasla, Pune and one year at Indian Military Academy, Dehradun.
  • Afterwards the training, candidates will receive a B.Sc or B.A degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).
  • The candidates will be posted to Indian Armed Forces or Indian Army after the attainment of training.

10+2 Technical Entry Scheme (TES) Eligibility:

  • Candidates who have finished Class 12 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with at least 70% of marks are qualified to apply for Technical Entry Scheme.
  • A written exam will be lead in January and June every year for the TES.
  • Candidates who clear the written test will have to undertake one-year training at Officers Training Academy (OTA) and four years at Cadet Training Wings.
  • The lowest age required to apply for TES is 16.5 to 19.5 years.
  • After the efficacious completion of training, the candidates will get posting along with a B.Tech degree from JNU.

The official website of Indian Army, i.e., Join Indian Army is the gateway for applying to NDA and 10+2 TES.

What types of books and study material is required to become army officer

Students can discuss to the following books for NDA exam:

  • National Defence Academy Examination Upkar Prakashan
  • Pathfinder 2018 For NDA Entrance Examination
  • Mathematics for NDA and NA By R S Aggarwal
  • Pathfinder aimed at NDA & NA Entrance Examination National Defence Academy/Naval Academy Lead by UPSC by Arihant Experts
  • Compendium General Knowledge 2018 with Newest Facts & Data  By Kumar Sundaram
  • General Knowledge for valuable for SSC NDA, IAS by Rajat Wasan

Pros and cons of becoming army officer

Sarkari Job Updates


  • Lasting jobs
  • Well-paid salaries


  • Unsafe working conditions
  • Staying away from family

Employment Opportunities for Army Officers

Indian Armed Forces are the solitary recruiter of Army Officers in India. There is not at all employment in the private sector, and the employment is everlasting in the government sector. Though, the applicants will have to clear the written, physical and medical tests to acquire employment in Indian Army. After clearing the written and other tests, the applicants will be sent to military training. After the efficacious completion of training, the candidates will be posted to dissimilar divisions of Indian Army.

Types of Job Roles Army Officer

Indian Army is divided into numerous divisions. Candidates with essential qualifications, skills and performance in recruitment tests will get employment in the following divisions.

  • Infantry: The infantry includes armed troops who fight the enemy on foot by means of equipment such as automatic rifles, self-loading rifles, machine guns, automatic rifles etc. Officers in infantry wing will be on condition that intensive training in arms handling.
  • Armoured Corps: The armoured corps includes of battalions of tanks and additional armoured vehicles. They are used to capture or fight with the enemy territory alongside with infantry. They too defend positions by engaging enemy tanks in battle.
  • Artillery: Officers in Artillery use long-range field guns, multi-barrel rocket launchers and missile for their military exercises. They bring out attacking and defensive operations.
  • Army Engineers: The main responsibility of the army engineers is to construct roads, helipads, airfields, bridges etc as early as conceivable so that the three sections of defence forces can advance quickly. They also destroy enemy bases and cause obstacles for the progression of enemy troops.
  • Signal Regiment Officers: Officers in the signal regiment are accountable for quick maintenance and implementation of communication links between the headquarters of Indian Army and the forward positions during the wartime. They are also accountable for electronic warfare. How To Become Indian Army Officer.
  • Army Service Corps (ASC): ASC personnel or officers are accountable for the movement of vehicles, troops, arms & ammunitions etc. These officers are too responsible for safe storage of rations, arms and ammunition, clothing and special equipment.
  • Intelligence Corps: These officers are involved in the collection, analysis and interpretation of facts about the enemy troops including their plans and movements.
  • Army Medical Corps: The army medical corps comprises doctors, and their major responsibility is to offer medical care for the families of the troops and officers of the armed forces.  

Facilities offer by Indian Army

  • Salary in five figures
  • Unrestricted medical facilities for self and dependent.
  • Leave upto 90 days in a year.
  • Free railway warrants.
  • Free Government married accommodation.
  • Entitled Ration.
  • Free Uniform/Clothing etc.
  • CSD facilities.
  • Lucrative Terminal benefits.
  • Opportunities to acquire and grow as a complete human being.

Army Officer Ranks

  • Lieutenant
  • Caption
  • Major
  • Lt. Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier
  • Major General
  • Lt. General
  • General (Chief of the Army Staff) The topmost post in Indian Army.

Army Officer Pay Scale/Salary

RankPay BandGrade PayMilitary Pay
Lt. Colonel37400-67000 87006000
Brigadier 37400-6700089006000
Major General37400-6700010000Nil
Lt General37400-6700012000 Nil
General80000                     Fixed
Chief of Staff90000

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