About Fashion Journalism Courses in India

With the rising trend of fashion, both in India and overseas, there is a lot of scope for employ opportunities in this industry. The request for fashion presses who can review, write and report on the latest trends in the style industry is quickly growing. 

The career as fashion reporter can be a profitable option in the future since most of the fashion journalists are busy in the media and performing industry that is probable to produce over 2.7 lakh jobs in the pending 3 years.

To become a style journalist, a student can obtain a requirement at a subordinate, graduation, post-graduation, or diploma level. In order to develop a fashion reporter, the applicants must take up sequences such as BSc in Fashion and Attire Design, BDes Fashion Message and many more. The fees of the organizations vary from each other. An projected regular course fee is in the range of INR 51,000 to 20,01,000.

Fashion Journalism has a wide range of occasions. Fashion writer, editor, stylist, message manager, etc fall under the types of a fashion reporter. One can choose to develop a freelancer or a full-time style journalist under any firm.

Fashion Journalism Courses in India

One has the selection to select amongst various service occasions available to a fashion journalist. Some of the top enlisting firms that hire a manner journalist are Femina, Vogue India, TLC, Elle, Times Now, and many more.

Quick facts about Fashion Journalism 

IndustryFashion Industry 
EligibilityThe applicants should have finished their graduation degree in journalism or fashion. It would be ideal that both the watercourses are covered by the applicants. Companies in the case of bigger job profile prefers candidates with master degree
Selection ProcessEither through merit or entrance exam
Average Starting SalaryAround INR 1,15,000
Job OpportunityThe aspirants after completion of the course are employed in publishing houses, entertainment industry, print media, magazines, newspaper, blogs, fashion industry, fashion-oriented firms, etc.

What does a Fashion Journalist do? 

Fashion Journalism Courses in India

The next are the various roles and errands of fashion journalists in 

  • The world of fashion is highly lively and all within the fashion world is continually changing, so the firms need someone who can allocate this info to the general public, about the changing trends, thus fashion presses are hired. 
  • A Fashion Reporter utilizes their information, interest, skills, and originality to keep the curious and fan public up-to-date about the on-going trends and news in the continually altering world of fashion. 
  • The job needs good schmoosing skills to get access to the latest info in the industry. 
  • The fashion Reporter needs to mix with everyone (industry insiders and Clients) to get their belvedere and viewpoint about fashion is of key importance. 
  • Fashion presses are accountable for creating content for fortnightlies, editorials, television, websites, blogs, etc. 
  • Many fashion presses often pair up with various paparazzi so that they can cover all going on in the industry with the added gain of using real-time pictures. 
  • A manner journalist even works with important stylists, conferences fashion creators for the latest updates, and visits style photoshoots.
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How to become a Fashion Journalist: Steps to Follow 

There are some humble yet significant steps to become a Fashion Journalist. The candidates must have a keen attention in fashion-related news. The apprentice must have a good personality with original vision and desire to have an ability to handle a vocation with countless highs and lows.

The following are some of the steps that the applicants must follow in order to be a fruitful Fashion Journalist in India

Decision Making

Decision-making must be done from the high school level itself. The scholar must be well versed with the various choices that they have to make in order to pursue a career as a fashion reporter. The student must start working on numerous other skills that would help them during their career in fashion reporting. Candidates must start drawing and designing to make their eyes get used to the colour palette and patterns. Similarly, the applicants must decide which stream to follow in their 12th so that they are able to get proper basis for the career. The contenders should try to learn some visual enterprise software like Photoshop, CorelDraw etc. And also start interpretation about art and fashion design from various blogs, posts, articles, news and start next leading fashion firms, models, designers, stylist, reporters, etc.

Subject Choices

The topic choices in the 12th must be done in such a way that the applicants can prepare a type of basis for the future courses that they take up in the UG or PG level. Though there is no specific stream for fashion Reporting however, the applicants should look to have a strong substance in English and must choose it as a required subject. Also, strong communiqué skills in dialect languages are also needed. Thus, it would be ideal to choose language in the 12th as an elective subject, Fashion Journalism Courses in India.

So, after implementation 12th from a documented board, one can do a Bachelor’s degree or a certificate in fashion reporting. There are multiple short courses obtainable online for wishful fashion journalists. Some related progressions are also available like B.Eds. in Fashion Communication, B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication, B.Sc. in Fashion and Apparel Design, etc.

Entrance Exam Preparation

There are dissimilar criteria that institutes follow to give fee to their respective courses. It is contingent upon the course that the applicant is willing to pursue. There are various arrival exams like National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Entrance Exam, Pearl Academy Entrance Exam, Symbiosis Entrance Exam (SET), School of Fashion Technology- Common Entrance Test, Asian College of Journalism (ACJ) Entrance Exam, Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) Entrance Exam, Xavier Institute of Communication – Online Entrance Test (XIC OET), Jamia Millie Islamia Entrance Exam, etc. These exams assess the aptitude of the candidate. Some organizations take direct fees on a merit basis. If the student gets finished the cut-off set up by the college, then the scholar is careful for fee in the course.

The applicants are obligatory to study for the entrance inspection by taking out the preceding year’s papers that are available on the agency’s website or in the various third-party websites. The candidates should also download the different study material from the internet and also prepare from the various reference books 


Selecting Correct Colleges

Various colleges offer similar courses to the candidates that allow them to pursue the career as fashion Journalist. A student must try to get admissions in the top colleges to pursue a career in fashion journalism. In order to do that the candidates must look into the ranking of colleges released by agencies such as NIRF, India Today, Outlook, etc. The applicants should also interaction some of the old alumina of the numerous colleges and check out the various limits such as the admission, fees, etc

Some of the top schools are the National School of Drama Delhi, Film and Television Institute of India (Pune), Indian Institute of Mass Communication (Delhi), Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication Pune, Xavier Institute of Communications Mumbai, International Institute of Fashion Technology Delhi, etc.

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