Painting is one of the charming subjects of Fine Arts. It is a wholly different world of art which is completed up of colours and sketches. A watercolourist uses colours and draughts as the average of look. Painting to some degree is an aptitude by birth, and hence it cannot be taught entirely to anybody. Some of the traits of a good painter are- a nature lover; a keen experimental eye; humble; polite; creative and creative. A painter with the power of his/her originality and tools of paintings (brushes, canvas, and colours) can reconstruct a new world on the image canvass. However, exercise can sharpen and perfect one’s image skills. Here are the particulars on vocation opportunities, courses, eligibility for a Job in Painting.

Career & Job

Today, there is an unsettled opportunity for students who have done the watercolour course. They get hired by Art galleries, Museums, Colleges and Universities, Corporates for manufacture their art group etc. They can also work autonomously as shop organisers, Pottery image, Glass painting, Signal painting etc. Since basic processer exercise is also comprised in the canvas course, so a scholar can work as a Graphics designer also.

Job profiles


A artiste can work on statistics of exciting profiles. Some of these profiles are –

  • Salvable Artist
  • Muralist
  • Visiting Artist
  • Painting Engineer
  • Painter
  • Interior Designer
  • Comics artist
  • Teacher
  • Art Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Restoration specialist
  • Arts Administrator.

Industries for Employment in Painting

Some of the businesses which are reliant on on artistes hire them at a good pay package. Some of these trades are – Ceramic industries, clothing industries, Animation, Advertising, Software companies, Online services, Digital media, Graphics Designing, Textile Designing industries, Fashion houses, and Printmaking.


The initial salary offered to a undergraduate candidate is ₹11, 000 to 20,000. In a few years, this energies up to 5-6 lakhs per annum.

Top- Ranked Institutions

Some of the top-ranked organizations and colleges for learning Fine arts are –


  • College of Art, Delhi
  • Sir J.J Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Art University, Hyderabad.
  • Maharani Laxmibai Girls P.G. College, Indore.
  • Kala Bhavan (Institute of Fine Arts), Santiniketan

The schoolchildren learn many things about Canvas and Art in the Watercolour curricula. They are trained about the past of painting, the ethos of image in India and the world, and the colour philosophies.

Diploma Course in Painting

Name of the Diploma courseDuration of the Course
Certificate in Painting1-2 years.
Children in Diploma in Painting Part-1,1-2 years.
Subordinate in Diploma in Painting Part-21-2 years.

Certificate Course in Painting

Name of the Certificate Course in PaintingDuration
Subordinate Diploma in Fine Art, Part -16 months -1 year.
Subordinate Diploma in Fine Art, Part-26 months -1 year.
Diploma in Visual Arts in Painting6 months -1 year.
Diploma in Painting6 months -1 year.

Bachelor Course in Painting

Name of the Bachelor Course in PaintingDuration
B.A Sketch and Painting3-4 years.
BFA Image3-4 years.
BFA Applied Arts3-4 years.
B.A Painting3-4 years.

Online courses in Painting, DRAWING COURSES AFTER 12

Separately from these courses, candidates can also go for Controllers and higher-level developments such as M.A., M.F.A, M.Phil., PhD, and PG diploma courses.

1. Learn to Draw: Daily Practices to Improve Your Drawing Skills (Skill share)

Learn to Draw: Daily Practices to Improve Your Drawing Skills

First on my list is a bizarre beginner sketch course that walks scholars over step-by-step on where, and how to start picture.

As for your teacher, you will be taught by painter Gabrielle Brickey, who is an expert representation artist who has aided over 100,100 students to developed better drawers. So, you are in good hands!

Course components include picture shapes, seeing angles, negative space, drawing upside down, forms, shading, drawing from photos, drawing from real life, and drawing from your fancy.

Additional advantage of this course is that all units are in video format and can be taken at your own step. There are smooth class projects, downloadable resources, and a class conversation to get response from other scholars.

Being hosted on Skill share, this sketch course can be taken for free when taking advantage of their 1-month free trial. General, this is a great preliminary course that lays a good basis for future drawers.

  • Beginner level
  • 1 ½ hour on-demand video
  • Taught by a successful artist
  • Class projects
  • Class discussion
  • Downloadable resources

2. Character Illustration: Drawing Faces, Figures & Clothing (Skill share)

If you want to learn how to draw comics, graphic novels, animation, or even anthropomorphized characters, then this drawing course is just for you! You’ll also be connection 50,000+ other scholars who have completed this course!

This 60-minute beginner/ middle level class is taught by graphic artist Gabriele Picolo, who has illustrated many of his own graphic novels and has also done work for DC Comics.

In this class, Gabriele teaches the concept of how a stylized character illustration can convey ideas and emotions beyond the printed or spoken word. He also breaks this down into criminal steps which covers posing a appeal, female vs male faces, core terms, extreme expressions, clothing and style, and adding colour.

While this class does cover more middle lessons, it could also be a great fit for beginners who are looking for a test. Overall, a great course!

  • Intermediate level
  • 1 hour
  • Taught by comics illustrator
  • Links included
  • Class project
  • Over 50,000 students
  • For more information ; Education In India


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