What is BASLP, BASLP Syllabus ?

BASLP is bachelors in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology.

BASLP Syllabus
  1. Terminology As per UGC Announcement of 2015, the terminology of the program shall be Bachelor in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. B. ASLP is the short form.
  • The purposes of the B.ASLP program are to prepare the pupils with information and services to purpose as audiologists and speech-language pathologists in dissimilar work locations appreciate concepts in talking, verbal, communiqué, hearing and infirmity screen, evaluate, diagnose and judge the strictness of unlike disorders associated to speech, language, buying and hearing, manage speech, language, swallowing and hearing complaints across life span guidance persons with disorders of communiqué and their family associates acclimatize persons with speech, language, swallowing and hearing disorders prevent speech, language, swallowing and hearing disorders bridge with specialists in allied fields and other stake holders instrument public mindfulness and education program, commence advocacy actions on behalf of and for persons with speech language and hearing disorders.

  • Duration of the program The package shall be of 4 academic years including 1 year of practicum and should be accomplished within six years from the date of charge. An hypothetical year entails of two semesters, and each semester shall spread over a least old-fashioned of sixteen weeks without examination days. The semesters shall be banquet out as follows: Abnormal semesters – 3, 5, 7 Smooth semesters – 2, 4, 6, 8 July – December June – October/November December – April There shall be inspections at the finish of each semester. There shall be a holiday of minimum 1 week after the inspections at the end of odd semesters and 3 weeks after the examinations at the finish of even semesters. Number of employed days in a semester shall not be more than 100 days. 2 3
  • Suitability for admission 2 i. Applicants passed 10+2 or an equal examination from a recognized Board with smallest of 50% collective marks. Relaxation in the succeeding marks shall be as per rules and guidelines of individual University / State/UTs or Central Government. ii. The interviewee/candidate should have studied Physics, Chemistry and slightly one of the subject Biology / Mathematics / Computer Science / Statistics / Electronics / Psychology. iii. No age bar for BASLP Syllabus.

  • Program Construction Time structure of the program will be as follows: 16 weeks / Semester 16 weeks 5 days / week 80 days 7 hours / day 560 hours per semester 1 Theory 6 papers x 60 hours 360 hours Scientific 200 hours Semester 2 Theory 4 papers x 60 hours 240 hours Practical’s 320 hours Semester 3 Theory 4 papers x 60 hours 240 hours Clinicals 320 hours Semester 4 Theory 4 papers x 60 hours 240 hours Clinicals 320 hours Semester 5 Theory 4 papers x 60 hours 240 hours Clinicals 320 hours Semester 6 Theory 4 papers x 60 hours 240 hours Clinicals 320 hours Theory 360 + (240 x 5) 1560 hours Clinicals 200+320 + (320 x 4) 1800 hours Internship 18 weeks per semester 36 weeks 5 days / week 180 days 7 hours / day 1260 hours Total: 6 semesters 560 hours x 6 semesters 3360 hours Internship 630 hours x 2 semesters 1260 hours Total Theory 1560 hours Total Clinicals 3060 hours Grand Total 4620 hours 2 Modified as accepted in 43rd General Council of REH.
  • Attendance Least attendance will be as specified by the own College where the scholars are studying. However, presence intend to not be less than 80% in philosophy and 90% in Clinical/ practical’s in each semester to be qualified to appear for inspection at the end of each semester. Applicants who cannot seem for the inspection for want of presence will be professed as unsuccessful and will have to repeat the particular semester to be eligible to look for exams then. Condonation of shortage of presence in honest cases shall be from the Vice-chancellor of the respective College where the applicants are studying BASLP Syllabus.



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