Broadcasting Day: The day of reporting at the SSB board, shadowed by text check and form filling [PIQ forms]. You are hypothetical to report at the place stated in the call letter, typically you are requested to report at MCQ [Moment Control Office]. You will not find any struggle in doing so since there will be applicants who would report on the similar day as you, so you may find one or two.

Note: For some admissions journalism day and broadcast day are the same e.g., AFSB Interview, please follow your call letters for the correct information, 5 DAYS SSB PROCEDURE.

Note: For some admissions reporting day and broadcast [PPDT] are the same, once your journalism time is early like 0700 hours then your broadcast day will be on the very first day (reporting day).

Stage-1 Testing

1. Screening: The broadcast process is to pick up some possible applicants from all those who have stated for the specific entry. It contains of few activities like

  • OIR Test: Also identified as officers’ intelligence rating test, it is a Verbal and Non-verbal Test. If you are making for the OIR Test and PPDT, your container gets the best OIR Test book here. OIR Test is a straightforward appetite test but it is continually good to go well prepared. After this test you will get some rest, and later proceed for PPDT.
  • PPDT:  Also recognized as depiction awareness and conversation test. We have previously talked so much about PPDT previous, this contains of story script and group conversation. You will be shown a picture for 30 secs, later you will have 3 minutes to transcribe a story based on the picture shown, after that, you will be alienated into sub groups of 14-15 members, firstly each applicant will relate his/her story which is shadowed by the group debate on the picture, among the cluster members. Keep in mind that PPDT is the greatest significant part which helps you to clear broadcast and takes you to stage-2 testing.

Results of Screening:  After the conclusion of PPDT, you will go for lunch next that you will be receiving some rest. Once the broadcast result is ready, usually occurs after the lunch, all the applicants will be named at once place and torso numbers of the selected contenders will be called one by one. After the completion of PPDT, you will get approximately rest for 2-3 hours and lunch too. Your broadcast results will be professed after it, designated applicants are allotted with new torso numbers. Rest of the applicants gets their TA and released backed to the railway station or bus stand, 5 DAYS SSB PROCEDURE.

Stage-2 Testing

Congrats to all who evaporates first stage of testing, today your real fight starts, behind the stage-2 battle is very tender for most of us, but a decent groundwork can fulfil your vision to join Indian defence forces.

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2. Psychological Test: It is a battery of projective tests; all tests are rummage-sale to check the mental suitability of the applicant to be an officer. Applicants are compulsory to write their rejoinders based on the particular test. Here the time limit is very crucial, so you are obligatory to write your first reply in time.



  1. Thematic Apperception Test [TAT]
  2. Word Association Test [WAT]
  3. Situation Reaction Test [SRT]
  4. Self-Description Test [ SD]


  • TAT: You will be exposed 11 pictures in which last image is will be a outright slide, each image will come just for 30 jiffies and then fade, after that you will get 4 minutes time to write the story grounded on that picture. After 4 mins extra picture will originate for 30 seconds and same procedure will be shadowed till last slide {blank slide}.
  • WAT: You will be exposed 60 words back-to-back, each word will leftovers on the screen for 15secs, in 15secs you are compulsory to write a ruling which comes in your mind first after understanding that word. Similarly, you have to write 60 words continuously without any pause in between.
  • SRT: You will get a brochure with 60 situations written on it, you are obligatory to write your replies based on those 60 circumstances, time chosen will be 30 mins.
  • SD: You are obligatory to write opinion about you from your parents, friends, teachers, by hand and thing you would like to mature in future. Time selected will be 15 mins.

It’s all around your speed of rational and writing, do not midpalates much since it may create problem for you in later stage. Inscribe legible and correct. 

3. GTO: This is also consuming a series of outdoor task, the main aim of this task is to justice your qualities during group presentation, recollect most of the task in this sequence are group task, you are obligatory to sustenance the group with best of your makings and not to contest with them in any way, 5 DAYS SSB PROCEDURE.

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Series of Tests:

  • GD: Back-to-back group conversation on two topics, mostly current affairs.
  • GPE: Group Planning Exercise, each applicant has to write his preparation for the stated problem and map given, later group memberships are obligatory to discuss on the problematic and have to come with a shared plan with common agreement. Later one of the group memberships has to clarify the shared preparation with the help of pointer and map.
  • PGT: Broadminded Group Task, you are compulsory to cross some difficulties with the help of subsidiary materials like rope, plank, wood log etc. Approximately rules are obligatory to be shadowed during this task, it a full group activity.
  • HGT: Half Group Task, typically same as PGT but the amount of group memberships will be half, you may get more coincidental to show your potential.
  • IOT: Discrete Obstacles Task, you are mandatory to effort 10 problems individually, each problem consist of some points from 1 to 10.
  • Command Task: You will be a leader in this task, you are compulsory to cross some difficulties with the help of 2-3 minions. You can choose 2-3 contenders from your own group whom you think can aid you to clear the complications.
  • Snake race/Group Obstacle Race: All group memberships will be opposing with other groups, memberships will be holding a serpent like rope, they are mandatory to cross positive obstacles with the snake. There are positive rules like all other tasks. It is kind of race amongst different groups, it’s a fun.

Separate Lecturette: Each contender will be charitable lecture for 3 mins on a topic designated by him/her. You will get 4 themes out of which you have to select one topic.

FGT: Final Group Task, similar like PGT, just like additional chance to show your possible.

4. Personal Interview: It is a main key which chooses your reference in the SSB Interview, SSB Interview questions and answers plays vital role in the valuation of the applicant. How to face the IO[ Interviewing officer]  in the SSB PI[ SSB Personal Interview] is the major anxiety here, one wrong move can discolor your image and decrease your odds to get indorse.

5. Conference: Each applicant will be facing all SSB board associates, he will face few over-all queries like how was your stay or what did you study from this, session is just to decide whether or not to indorse you as an officer in Indian defence forces. All judges jointly decide your suitability, for some applicants those who are in border line, may face sure questions, which can be conclusive one. It barely goes for 1-2 mins



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