About Scope of Beauty Parlor.Beauty and wellness diligence is growing at rapid pace in India with new tendencies evolving in the society.

In India, the beauty industry has knowingly advanced in terms of manufacture, promotion and marketing of diverse beauty products. After accomplishment of any beauty course, the beautician can twitch a occupation in the beauty industry as a nail art specialist, a masseur, an aroma therapist, or even a beauty consultant.

It has been observed that people from dissimilar fields alike airlines, hospitality and call centres are changing to the Beauty, Spa and Hair Dressing profession. Beauty and wellness is a 12,000 cr. Industry in India and is rising at the rate of 30% every year. Due to the dissolute paced growth, there are plenty of job chances, for which there is requirement for qualified professionally skilled individuals.

This industry has numerous other benefits such as high salaries, comfy job timings, ease with which one can twitch their own spa or salon. But to flourish in the beauty industry, it is vital to get a degree from a good training conservatory.

The expert beauticians can be working in modeling and film industry. The alternative of starting one’s own saloon or parlour also leftovers open.

Applicants with diploma or advance course in beauty care can twitch the career as a beautician. One can get the specialism in several field like hair styling, beauty therapy, massage, make-up, facials, pedicure, manicure, herbal beauty care and electrolysis.

A beautician must have a imaginative mind and a upright sense of hygiene for having scope of beauty parlor.

Certain of the courses in beauty industry are Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing, Certificate Course in Beauty & Hair Dressing, Rigorous Course on Hair Styling and Beauty, Hair and Cosmetology Elementary, Crash Course in Hair Styling, Unusual Course on Chemical Process, Diploma in Beauty Therapy, Post Graduate Diploma in Skin and Beauty Treatment Diploma in Hair Dressing and Beauty and Credential Course in Beauty & Hair Dressing.

The syllabus comprises theoretical classes on anatomy, physiology, diets and salon running. Applied classes are based on applying make-up, facials and hair behaviours. Also check career after MBA.

Scope of Beauty Parlor.

Job brief: scope of beauty parlor.

Beautician  is to take care of our customers’ cosmetic needs.

Beautician tasks include removing hair, recommending skin care therapies and managing client appointments beautician  should be well-versed in beauty treatments, including hairstyling, makeup, facials, hair removal, manicures and pedicures. If you’re able to identify customers’ needs and help them feel good about themselves, then you are an excellent beautician.

Eventually, you will safeguard your clients receive high quality cosmetic services and walk out our door smiling.

Diploma Course for entering in Beauty industry

Diploma in Cosmetology6 months12th qualified
Diploma in Hair Styling, Diploma in Professional Makeup1 monthNot Available
Basic and Advanced Course in Makeup1 month- 2 months10th qualified
Advance Diploma in Aesthetics184 hours12th qualified
Advance Diploma in Laser Aesthetics120 hours12th qualified
Diploma in Beauty Culture, Hair Design, Spa Rehabilitation, Body Therapy10th or 12th qualified
Diploma In Massage & Spa Therapy2.5 monthsNo specific education required

Career Scope: in scope of beauty parlor

The massive industry of beauty includes manufacturing and promotion of beauty goods including their marketing. After conclusion of the course, one can become a manicurist, pedicurist, and aroma therapist, a masseur or even a beauty consultant. A promising beautician can arise as totally evolved and expert beautician after preparation.

One can built-up her/his own beauty parlour and salon. These days unisex salons are too a hit. But if one’s businessperson skills fail to satisfy the creative zeal, then you can even come up with your personal range of beauty products. This will raise you name and fame as well. Never negotiation on quality and the range will get you economy.

The scope of this course is huge in the United States of America and many European countries. Indians have an superiority over others in foreign countries, and that is because we heal skin and hair problems through natural products and therapeutic treatments. This works as our unique selling theme in Western countries.


Job Opportunities after becoming beautician:

  • Beauty Care Distributor
  • Beauty Magazine Writer
  • Cosmetologist
  • Cosmetology Instructor
  • Fashion Show Stylist
  • Hairstylist
  • Makeup Artist
  • Manufacturer Sales Representative
  • Nail Care Artists
  • Salon Sales Consultant

 Some recruiters

  • Lakme
  • L’Oreal
  • Habibs
  • Shahnaz Beauty Parlour

Credential Courses in Cosmetology and Beauty Culture

Certificate Course on Training for Beauty Care in Ayurveda36 hours12th qualified
Professional Certificate Program in Fashion Media Makeup11 months12th or equivalent qualified
Certificate course in the professional make-up1 month10th qualified
Certificate in Advanced Hair Designing2 monthsShould have a Basic certificate in Hair Designing

Postgraduate Course in Cosmetology and Beauty Culture

Masters Program In Cosmetology2 yearsGraduation/ Bachelor Degree from any recognized institute/university to be eligible.
Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology (PGDC)1 yearIf you want to pursue PGDC, then you have to qualify MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BHMS degree.


Skills Required for becoming beautician

  • Good communication and consultation skills.
  • Considerate the effects of various beauty products.
  • Information of Physiology of the skin, hair and nails.
  • Familiarity of Chemistry of colour and colour theory.
  • Credential course in Beauty and hairdressing
  • Nail Care
  • Mehndi (Henna)
  • Cosmetology
  • Advanced Perming
  • Advanced Colouring
  • Advanced Aromatherapy Body

Pros of becoming a Beautician

  • It is a supple job as not all salons need you to work from 9-5, clients may want activities over the weekends at times. That way, one can maintain work-life equilibrium.
  • You get to encounter so many new people from all walks of life. It is a occupation that gives you the chance to become sociable and strike friendship with people effortlessly. You’ll have some clients you’ll get to see on a even basis and you’ll be able to form a relationship with them.
  • No matter where on earth you are in whichever city, your services will always be in demand. It is a buzzing industry and there is a great demand for both the goods and the services.
  • It is not a dull job that way as you’ll get to do a lot of diverse treatments and that depends on your specialism and the client’s needs.

Cons of becoming a Beautician

  • One week you may have a really tight agenda and the other week you may not have much work so work is not stable that way
  • There are lots of outworkers and there can be stiff rivalry
  • The work hours can be very long at times and pay may not be that extraordinary
  • At times, clients may have impractical expectations. They may want a particular hairstyle or look and it you’ll probably try to encourage them not to go for it but they may be obstinate and want it. That way, once it’s done, they may realize you were right and then find ways to guilt you.
  • It can also be fatiguing and you have to be very careful as you’ll be trade with client’s faces and bodies and if something goes wrong, you’ll have to bear the penalties. You have to be cautious while using chemicals on clients.

that it in scope of beauty parlor.


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