BAMS Doctor Salary, BAMS graduates can get borrowed as Ayurvedic doctors or medical doctor, lecturer, medical officers, etc. The BAMS graduates get an middling salary of INR 31,000 in India. BAMS Jobs in Abroad are in high petition.

BAMS Doctor Salary

BAMS is evolving as a highly sought-after course in the medical arena due to the bourgeoning interest in substitute medicine. After conclusion of the BAMS degree, the candidates can land jobs in dissimilar sectors such as Ayurvedic resort, educational institution, Panchakarma Ashram, government and sequestered hospitals and many more.

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery (BAMS) is a graduate degree course in Ayurvedic system. This degree is gave after the conclusion of 5 years and 6 month degree programme covering the 4 and 1/2 year academic session and one year residency programme with live applied.

The UG degree course is unglued in three sections of 1.5 years each. These segments named as the three specialized courses. In first specialized course the scholars are taught about the anatomy, physiology and history of Ayurvedic system. In second course they are trained about the toxicology and pharmacology and the final course comprises the surgery, ENT, skin, obstetrics and gynaecology.

The whole course encompasses the modern anatomy, principles of medicines, physiology, social and precautionary medicines, forensic medicine, principle of surgery, toxicology, ENT, botany and pharmacology. The graduates use the title “Vaidya” before their name (abbreviation is dr.)


The resurgence of another medicine in the last few decades has increased the scope of the BAMS graduates. Before, the most commonly available jobs for BAMS graduates were either private practice as an Ayurveda doctor or higher education. Now, applicants can opt for a overabundance of jobs in different sectors and industries. 

The pertinent industries and key service sectors for BAMS graduates are discussed below.

BAMS Jobs: Relevant Industries

The pertinent industries for the BAMS graduates are 

Healthcare IndustryInsurance Industry
Healthcare IT IndustryEducation/Academics
Pharmaceutical IndustryLife Science Industry
NursingMedical Tourism Industry

Key Employment sector , BAMS Doctor Salary

Fruitful BAMS degree alumnae have the occasion to work in a diversity of sectors. They can go into research, work repetition as a doctor, or even work in the ayurvedic medicine business sector. The scope of employ after completion of the BAMS course is enormous these days. 

Healthcare SectorAyurvedic ResortsResearch InstitutionsDispensariesPanchakarma Ashram
Government/ Private HospitalsClinical ResearchAyurvedic Spa CentresHealth Resort

BAMS Job Profiles

With the universal shift in the attitude of the people towards a more maintainable environment, the image of alternative medicines like Ayurveda has improved extremely. The number of job profiles for BAMS contenders has augmented after the last few periods not only in India but also overseas. 


BAMS Jobs: Common Job profiles

Ayurvedic DoctorAyurvedic PhysicianLecturerProfessor
TherapistBusiness Development ExecutiveSales RepresentativePharmacist
Clinical Trials CoordinatorMedical OfficerScientistResearch Assistant

BAMS Job profile with Salary, BAMS Doctor Salary

Most of the students with 0-1 years of knowledge, after completion of their Graduation, typically prefer to work in the same infirmary or medical institutes, to develop proficient in that job profile.

Job ProfileStarting SalaryAverage SalaryHighest Salary
Ayurveda DoctorINR 3.1 LPAINR 3.6 LPAINR 7.5 LPA
ScientistINR 4.90 LPAINR 6.45 LPAINR 15.00 LPA
Medical OfficerINR 4.95 LPAINR 6.15 LPAINR 11.93 LPA
LecturerINR 2.96 LPAINR 3.42 LPAINR 8.10 LPA
Sales RepresentativeINR 2.45 LPAINR 2.73 LPAINR 4.50 LPA
PharmacistINR 2.21 LPAINR 2.51 LPAINR 4.00 LPA

Top BAMS Recruiters

The BAMS alumnae are mainly hired by the administration or private hospitals. However, top private companies mainly in the medicinal sector hire fresh graduates.

Some of the top recruiters are listed underneath

Patanjali Ayurveda LimitedDabur India Ltd
Baidya NathHamdard Laboratories
Zandu AyurvedaHimalaya Wellness
Surya Herbal LimitedHamdard Laboratories
Vicco LaboratoriesCharak Pharma Private Limited
Sandu Pharmaceuticals LtdNarulz
Emami Ltd

BAMS required skill Sets

The persons who wish to pursue their vocation as Ayurveda Doctors need to have keen attention in the medicinal industry and explore ground-breaking ways to treat their patients. The candidates should have the following skill sets to have a fulfilling career.

Analytical abilitiesObservational skillAttention in the medicinal properties of different herbs
Time managementDecision making abilitiesEmotional Intelligence
Communication SkillsEmpathyCounselling Abilities

BAMS Government Jobs

In the government sector, the probabilities of becoming a doctor are much more valued. BAMS alumnae are hired as Ayurveda doctors in many government hospitals and organizations with a salary of around INR 31,000 to INR 51,000. With knowledge, the grade pay will increase.

Some of the schemes under which they are working are National Health Mission schemes, among others where a doctor can earn around INR 35,100.

In the evening, they can refer affected role in private practice in clinics, and earn around INR 15,000 to INR 21,000 every month in main cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc.

Even respected institutions like AIIMS appoint BAMS doctors with a preliminary salary of around INR 85,100 to INR 90,100, with chances such as Junior Medical Officer and Senior Medical Officer with an regular salary of around INR 1 Lakh per month. 

BAMS Jobs in Overseas are also in great demand, particularly in the countries of the Middle East like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman. The salary can go up to INR 35,10,000 in some cases.



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