SSB Interview consists of 900 marks, which is equal to that of NDA written examination. Therefore, clearing of SSB, along with the written exam, is needed to become an Officer.
At Pioneer, SSB GROOMING CLASSES are run parallel to the written preparation sessions to ensure that the candidate is also ready to facing SSB Interview by the time he clears his written exam.
In the SSB, a candidate is checked on the parameters of 15 OLQs (Officer Like Qualities), which are as follows :
·         Effective Intelligence.
·         Reasoning Ability.
·         Power of Expression.
·         Self Confidence.
·         Determination.
·         Organizing Ability.
·         Initiative.
·         Courage.
·         Cooperation.
·         Sense of Responsibility.
·         Stamina.
·         Group Influencing Ability.
·         Liveliness.
·         Social Adaptability.
·         Speed of Decision
Our SSB Grooming Classes are designed to inculcate these qualities in a candidate, and to improve his communication skills, which will further increase his confidence level.
The most important quality required for clearing SSB Interview is CONFIDENCE. The main purpose of such classes is to prepare students not only for SSB Interview, but also to increase his confidence-level so much that he can excel in any circumstances in future.
Discussion on current events is an integral part of our SSB grooming classes. Such discussions help the students to help build their own opinion on various socio-economic events.


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