Pakistan-China responsible for increasing pollution: BJP leader




Pollution is increasing in Delhi NCR these days. This is why the government has implemented a rule “Aud-Even”. With this, what is the BJP informed that Pakistan and China are responsible for this pollution, BJP leader has said this. BJP leader Vipin agravaal has also said that this poisonous gas has come from the country of Pakistan and China, which can be very deadly for the people of India. It seems that this country Pakistan and China are scared of us.

Together the other BJP leaders have said that this gas is fatal for pollution. We have to put a stop to this situation so as to avoid the problems which are related to this pollution. The Government of Delhi is also saying that we are suffering a lot due to burning of stubble, and it is also saying that this pollution is also happening to the industries. Farmers and traders are both required to run this country, if they are given a separate order, then this country will not be able to break even. Sharada I have said that this gas which came from Pakistan and was still burnt earlier. Government should consider this Because Pakistan is the country which is trailing the Mughals.

Vipin has said that Modi ji and Home Minister Amit Shah have been described as Arjun-Krishna pair. They also said that the temple of Lord Rama is being built and will be built. The BJP leader further said that India has taught Pakistan a lesson every time and will continue to teach even further.