Mass Communication Colleges in Meerut


Subharti college of Journalism and Mass Communication

Subharti collegeAmong the special colleges, the college is Swami Vivekananda Subharti University college. These colleges are moving forward along with the modern and great ideas of Swami Vivekananda. Among the all colleges, this is a college which has a lot of abundance but this is the true meaning of growing up at the forefront “Yash Wee Can” which permeates the entire environment.

This college provides Supplemental Education to all students, who are determined to meet the ever-increasing demands of journalists and mass communicators of the youth of Journalism and Mass Communication, a college with special education colleges Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Subharti College of Journalism and Mass Communication, which is the pride of the university.Its priority is to develop a new breed of journalists with sensitive heart, technical skills, wide knowledge and dream of a beautiful society.

Indian Film & Television Institute (IFTI)

IFTY is an institute that loves to fulfill the potential of students who are determined to keep IFTI Instituteahead of other . In this institute, such education is provided which through its communication provides the signal for our environment and for developing. It is in such a background that multimedia must take many important steps forward for the institute to provide a learning environment that encourages creativity.

In order to provide modeling courses, singing classes, vocal music classes and dance classes in this institute, WordAyad the best teachers with top-notch infrastructure and experienced professionals who provide students with education in the field. With his experience, this institute today has trained students from all cities in Delhi through the top acting institutes, top music institutes, best film production institutes, and top dance institutes in Delhi / NCR. Being a reputed and responsible singing institute, best film institute and best media institute, we have given many renowned artists of the industry.



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