Best Pharma Institute in Bangalore

 Karnataka College of Pharmacy

                 Pharma Training Institute

These are the following courses which offer by Pharma Training Institute:

1 LFS/Q 0215 Maintenance Assistant- Life Sciences 4 Weeks
2 LFS/Q 0216 Manufacturing Assistant- Life Sciences 3 Weeks
3 LFS/Q 0302 Quality Assurance Chemist 10 Weeks
4 LFS/Q 1201 Production / Manufacturing Chemist- Life Sciences 10 Weeks
5 LFS/Q 1301 Quality Control Chemist 10 Weeks
6 LFS/ Q 0401 Medical Sales Representative 10 Weeks

Batch size- minimum-15, maximum-30 students;

The courses are available to fresh students as well as fresh employees of Pharmaceuticals.

                 Karnataka College of Pharmacy

Karnataka College of Pharmacy was established in the year 2003. Their aim is to be the leading academic center for innovative interdisciplinary research and excellence in pharmacy education, patient care, service to the community in India. Their guiding principles are based on PEACE: