Aizaz Rizvi College of Journalism & Mass Communication (ARCJMC), Lucknow

ARCJ LucknowThe establishment of the Aizaz Rizvi College of Journalism & Mass Communication (ARCJMC), provides new fangled training to the young graduates of willing to motivate students interested only in Lucknow Journalism and Mass Communication and make those students careers. students can be given a solid foundation in journalistic elements. I am interested in ARCJMC as long as those students become an effective and fully integrated member of the media industry in the shortest time possible. A graduate from ARCJMC with significant exposure to the latest technology. The college strives to become one of the top media schools of international repute, hence creating a niche for itself in the field of media education.

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Rajat Girls Degree College, Lucknow

Rajat Girls Degree College is a private degree college existing in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.RDCG Lucknow Which plays a special role in society solely through educating only girls. The Rajat Girls Degree College is part of a group that aims to build those scholars who can make India a more adequate nation. This institute says that a nation can develop only when man and woman are one Work together shoulder to shoulder. Silver Girls Degree College Students are motivated to adopt a modern point of view along with being aware of the latest happenings, and for this students are told to keep their morality and values ??in mind. How to apply your learning, at work.

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Shia PG College, Lucknow,

SPC LucknowShia PG College, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Shia College is an institute of the institute for students to develop specialist knowledge, which addresses and supports all the rules and regulations that follow and deviate from there, As practiced by the Prophet and his successors, the college has served all communities without discrimination. It attaches paramount importance to sports and other extra-curricular activities in addition to the excellent academic curriculum at the Institute, thus creating many players at a national and international level.



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